Honey Singh Opens Up About His 2-year-long Disappearance From Stardom

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Updated on 17 Mar, 2016 at 1:54 pm


From a Punjabi rapper to college concert heartthrob, Honey Singh made his mark in Bollywood like a crusader. His songs ruled the chartbusters, his music vexed the veteran artists of the industry and his lyrics stirred quite some feminist debates.

Amidst all the chaos, the public continued smothering him with love and adulation.

But then suddenly, one fine day, Yo Yo Honey Singh disappeared.

Without a final bow, he abandoned the stage he had set for himself. While the media speculated he was in rehab, four Honey Singh hits continued ruling the music chartbusters. But Honey Singh was not in sight.



And now, when the world almost stopped speculating about Honey Singh’s two-year disappearance, Honey Singh stepped up to talk about the reasons which kept him away till now.

He didn’t want a spokesperson to reveal his real reasons and hence, for the love of his fans, he is coming out to talk about it. Being aware of the rumours about his rehabilitation due to drug overdose, Honey says he was away in his Noida apartment with his family.

“The last 18 months were the darkest phase of my life, and I wasn’t in a state to talk to anyone.”

Honey Singh was suffering from bipolar disorder. He changed four doctors for his medication and his alcohol intake remained a reason for the aggravation of his condition.

Honey admits he was vulnerable, scared and somehow feared that his darkness would last forever.


However, the most preserving part about being an artist is that creativity never leaves you. Even in the loneliest nights, art creeps in and creates a space for itself.

He not only bled his emotions in 50-60 poems he wrote during those nights, but composed a song of withering hope too.


“After the sun went down, I was scared of my own family. I wasn’t behaving like myself. I was a sick person. I wasn’t in my own control. But now it is all behind me and I’ve come out of it.“

Hence, now Honey Singh is looking forward to performing at TOIFA ’16 in Dubai along with Salman Khan. In reference to his spat with Shah Rukh Khan, Yo Yo cleared the air saying the superstar did call him to check on him during his hard times. He also has four songs lined up and sans much planning, he is all geared up to take on new projects, slowly yet steadily.

No matter if we hated him or loved him, his songs were on our lips whenever we swayed our hips on a Saturday night. Unflinchingly, that’s what makes Yo Yo Honey Singh unperturbed by all criticism coming his way.


“They know the difference between a luxury car and an ordinary car!”

Clearly, Honey Singh is confident and completely unthreatened by any budding competition in the industry during his absence.

While I was one of the few critics of his music and lyrics off late, I am inspired by his zeal of creativity and valiance in coming out as his vulnerable self.


Yo Yo boy, all the best!