These 11 Funny And Honest One-Liners Perfectly Summarize Salman Khan’s Films

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7:06 pm 11 Jul, 2017


Salman Khan needs no introduction, and neither do his films. He may not be a really good actor, but his films are guaranteed blockbusters. The reason for this is simple. His style and his aura are infectious, and who can forget his shirtless legacy?

Just for fun, we ignored real theme of his movies, and added our humor touch. We made these one-liners that say the unsaid emotions behind his films.


1. Khan failure.



2. Still, a long way to go to beat Aamir.


3. What sells in India?


4. No one can doubt this.


5. The very generous Salman.


6. Family first.


7. The last goodbye.


8. Copy and paste.


9. The joke is on you, Salman.


10. Love got a “Prem” makeover.


11. That is all he has.