Do You Want To Know The Reality Of Indian Ads? Here It Is With Sheer Honesty

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Updated on 11 Dec, 2015 at 3:50 pm


Advertisements are mere illusions cloaked with the stardom of superstars; they show us the forged image and hide the true picture. This we realized when on the Facebook page of Big Stylist .




They also inspired us with their meaningful message – the truth cannot be hidden for too long. So, we decided to portray the real side of some TV commercials with complete authenticity.


1. Skin is the largest part of the body but still it is tagged with fake promises.

2 (1)


So, we recommend Emami brand to change its name to ‘Uimaa’, as it might suit its image more.

1 (2)

As always, Indians deliver more than expected.


2. But these frauds don’t hold true only for skin cosmetics

When an actor like Abhishek says, “An idea can change your life”, we better not trust him for obvious reasons.


3. As Kingfisher employees are protesting against the delays in salary payment, Vijay Mallya might need a new tagline for his brand.


Don’t worry, such times don’t last forever.



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