20 Ways To Cope With Homesickness After Returning From Holidays Spent With Family

12:00 pm 1 Dec, 2015


Oliver Wendell Holmes wisely said, “Where we love is home – home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts”. Homesickness is the bane many people face with the world becoming a global village, but it gets worse when we have to go back to the life of loneliness after spending holidays with their family. What are the best ways of coping with it? Let us have a look.


1. Buy two smartphones – one for your family and one for you.

It will allow you to have many ways of staying in touch and being updated about each others’ lives.



2. Use social media to get as close to your family as you can.

Technology has made a huge difference in the way you can keep in touch with your family.


3. A good video chat with your family can drive your blues away.


4. If you feel really low, talk to your friends and share your feelings.

There is nothing worse than suffering the homesickness by bottling it up inside you.


5. Eat those home-made laddus before they vanish into your friends’ watering mouths.


6. Find people from your town or country in the new place.

You can share your thoughts freely with them.


7. Find a restaurant that serves the food that your hometown is famous for.

Familiar food can make you feel a great deal better.


8. Don’t allow people to say words that will make you anxious.


9. Remember if you quit whatever you are doing and go back, you may not be welcome in your home.


10. Life does not come cheap in India anymore. You need to earn the moolah to have a home to be homesick. Let this thought motivate you.


11. It is inevitable that you will miss something in your life…there is no escape from this feeling, therefore accept it.


12. Take part in games and other activities that you enjoy.


13. Isn’t it nice not to have dad monitoring your every move?


14. Or not to be victim of ‘Maa Drama’?


15. Or moreover, a nagging better-half?


16. Just learn to enjoy the lucky ‘Me Time’ when no one will bother you.


17. Also remember that absence makes hearts grow fonder.


18. Get busy with whatever you have to do.


19. Learn to seize the day and enjoy it to the fullest with your heart full of fond memories of your family.


20. Remember, soon it is going to be time for that loving group hug when you get back home.



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