A Homeless Dog Living In A Trash Pile Gets Rescued, And Then Does Something Amazing!

8:37 am 31 Jan, 2014


One of the most heartwarming and moving video of the extraordinary rescue, recovery and resilience of a homeless and abandoned dog, who was unfortunately left to die in a heap of trash, until spotted by Eldad Hagar.

It was when Eldad Hagar first noticed Miley, a homeless dog surviving in the piles of trash on the very outskirts of LA, that he was moved to his heart. Miley at that time was all covered with infection and mange that had left her completely lifeless and defeated. Looking at her plight, Hagar just couldn’t hold himself back and without much ado carried her to the vet.

After her thorough checkup, the veterinarian Dr. Lisa Youn concluded that Miley was not only suffering from bacterial infection and mange, but malnutrition and parasites as well.

After undergoing intensive care and treatment for about two weeks, Miley started showing positive signs of improvement and her spirits started to lift. But it was only until Miley finally found her best friend Frankie (who was rescued from a sewer tunnel by Hagar and his friend), that she started displaying dramatic turns in her recovery.

This video certainly displays one of the most astonishing transformations you will ever witness. Watch out this video to observe the unmatched healing power of friendship, love and above all-second chances!