24 Simple And Easy Tips To Change The Look Of Your House

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Updated on 4 Sep, 2018 at 1:45 pm



1. Wall-mount a row of hooks above your kitchen counter to hang towels and cups.

2. Use wallpaper to change your doors. You can use one type of wallpaper or mix and match a few to get the look that you want.

3. Paint shelves and window frames with a bright and cheerful color.

4. Install a new doorbell or an ornate knocker if you live in a quiet area.

5. Add a shelf above the doorway and place some decorative pieces on it.

6. Add floating shelves. These shelves take up less space and give a sleek look.

7. Small windows can look bigger if you hang curtains from the ceiling height.

8. Get glass knobs/handles or ornate knobs/handles for an instantly different look.

9. Install a dimmer switch. It  can also help to keep cost down.

10. For cabinets with glass doors, paint the insides with a nice bright hue.

11. Change your light fixtures and see an instant difference.

12. If you have a ladder lying around, clean and paint it and use it to hang towels, bags, etc

13. Wrap a pedestal sink with a skirt and conceal the bin and toiletries below. Stick fabric to the sink with glue-backed Velcro.

14. Add funky new house numbers to your door.

15. For small-spaced homes, add rollers to your tables so one table can be conveniently used for multiple purposes.

16. Group small prints, photos, etc and hang them together for the look of a large, expensive piece of art.

17. Rope lighting around mirrors or wall cabinets/ shelves can luxe up a room.

18. Nail a mailbox on or near your front door. A rustic or modern mailbox can change the look.

19. A wall-mounted brush and paste holder will unclutter your sink.

20. You can stick carpet tiles at the doorways of your home to wipe shoes on.

21. If you’ve got a nice window, fit a window seat beside it. The area below the seat can be used as storage space.

22. Mirrored tiles on kitchen and bathroom cabinets give the illusion of having greater space.

23. Flower boxes outside your window can enhance the look from both the outside as well as the inside of a room.

24. Banish flat-screen TV wires using a recessed outlet and an open-back wall plate to route wires behind the wall.

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