Low On Fuel? You Might Soon Be Able To Get It Home Delivered, Here Is How

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11:25 pm 21 Apr, 2017

According to Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas, you might soon be able to get petrol and diesel home delivered as the ministry is considering the idea in order to cut long queues outside fuel pumps.


Though the plan is still in the consideration stage, the ministry’s tweets reveal that the government at present only plan to do that if the consumer is pre-booking his fuel purchase.


According to the ministry, at least 3.5 crore people visit fuel station every day and consumer’s buy fuel worth Rs 2,500 crore every year.


What is more, in the past few months, the ministry has seen a drastic increase in the consumer’s digital transactions with daily cashless transactions increasing from Rs 150 Cr per day to Rs 400 Cr per day.


With more than 86% of its Retail Outlets already being digitalised, the ministry believes that the digital transition, in the coming months, will only improve.


Seems like the ministry is making sure that you never run out of fuel. What do you think?

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