21 Things That Everyone Does Secretly But Hates To Admit

Updated on 20 Jul, 2018 at 3:20 pm


As human beings, we have the tendency to act differently in different surroundings. Certainly, there is a huge difference between how we act in public and how we behave when nobody is watching. We all have some quirky little habits that we think other people will find disgusting or weird. But after all, we are human beings who like to unusual things. So, we must have had the guilty pleasure to do such ‘disgusting‘ things once in million times, but only secretly when nobody is around once. Obviously, there are things that everyone does secretly because privacy matters!

It doesn’t matter if you belong to clans of people who are frank, loving and open-minded about every damn issue. There are always a few things that you feel embarrassed to talk about openly even with your best friend, still, you can’t resist doing it.

From picking up nose or smelling your armpits, here are some things we do secretly but never admits:

1. Experimented with various hairstyles when no one is around



2. Tried to take a selfie after coming straight out of the bathroom



3. Tried to replicate the dance steps of the most viral song



4. Picking nose secretly is something everyone has done



5. Tried to smell your clothes and lingerie after taking them off



6. Holding your breath in front of the mirror to see how you’d look after getting a flat belly



7. Tried to copy the style of that stylish friend in your college


8. Checked your figure in the mirror



9. Taking laptop to your toilet, which helps you feel relaxed



10. Sniffed your armpit!



11. Stalked your ex on social media




12. Talked out loud with yourself!



13. Secretly scratched your bum when no one was looking



14. Burp in an innovative way!




15. Sneezing hard using a tissue paper and testing this piece of paper after completing the task



16. Sniffing smell after releasing your farts!


17. Tried to save money and escaping from paying the bill



18. Peeing while keeping the bathroom door open!



19. Checking on the number of likes on profile photos after uploading it



20. Look up answers to weird questions on the internet



21. Hiding secret stash of stuff for yourself!



Now, if you would say, you have never done these things in private we will never believe! How many of these things have you enjoyed doing secretly? Let us know in the comments!