16 Hollywood Adult Movies That You Don’t Want To Miss

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Updated on 18 Dec, 2018 at 12:43 pm

Adult movies, a plethora of stigmas are attached with these two words. Over the years, we have also seen some of the best films getting banned because they portrayed those scenes that are sexually explicit. However, we believe when a story aesthetically showcases explicitness, it shouldn’t be labeled as ‘cheap.’ Thus, if you are someone who sees beyond the aspect of carnal pleasure associated with a sex scene to truly appreciate the creative essence it captures, then these Hollywood adult movies are for you.


These are the best adult movies that gives you the opportunity to snuggle with your partner and go on a ride of binge watching. Are you ready?


1. Amour


A romantic movie, Amour tells the story of elderly couple and how their happily married life is abruptly and unexpectedly turned upside down when the female lead suffers from a stroke. The husband does everything in his control to make her better, help her recover, and get their life back on track.


2. Original Sin

When love becomes an obsession over time, despite the loved ones treacherous acts, is what follows the story of the lead characters in this movies. Not to mention Angelina Jolie was at her sexiest and sultriest best in the movie.


3. Sex and Lucia

Lucia sets out to unearth the reason behind her boyfriend’s suicide and in the process discovers some reasons behind his depression. Lorenzo was a troubled writer with a past which seems to have been the source of his last novel. The intriguing events of his past and the way it is narrated make this one of the best Hollywood adult movies.


4. Irreversible

One of the best revenge stories to come out of Hollywood, Irreversible tells the story of Alex, a rape victim. It shows how she along with her boyfriend and ex-lover set out to take revenge from the one who wreaked havoc on her.


5. Cashback

What happens when a guy realizes he can stop time? The possibilities are so many. But when Sean learns of this, he only focuses his power to help himself get over a recent breakup. With some sexy scenes involved, this one a great catch when it comes to Hollywood adult movies.



6. Intimacy

Mark and Kerry have a complete ‘no strings attached’ relationship where they have weekly trysts. But Mark wants to know more about Kerry and thus begins an interesting unearthing chain of events. Intimacy is good choice if you’re looking for a Hollywood adult movie to catch.


7. Eyes Wide Shut

Back in the day when Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman were a huge hit and an off screen couple too, they gave one of the best movies in the form of Eyes Wide Shut which tells the story of Dr. Bill and his wife Alice. After admitting being sexually attracted to another man, she becomes part of a underground sexual group. And, the story that follows will keep you captivated.


8. Unfaithful

A married woman gets sexually involved with another man. How? On a stormy night she seeks refuge at this man’s places and as circumstances would have it, they get sinful. Things however start going downhill when the woman’s husbands starts getting suspicious.


9. Anna Karenina

Based on the classic by Leo Tolstoy, Anna Karenina has some of the best and exotic love making scenes. Keira Knightley is sultry as Anna making this one of the best Hollywood adult movies.


10. Shortbus

An unsatisfying physical relationship between a couple leads them to the doors of a gay couple and then into a sexual group. What ensues is a lot of explicit love making.


11. Basic Instinct

This one is a crime mystery wherein the investigator himself falls for the prime suspect. Michael Douglas was at his best in this crime erotica which keeps us hooked till the last shot. The lovemaking scenes between the leads make this one of the best Hollywood adult movies till date.


12. Wild Things

This is another thriller packed with some raunchy scenes including a threesome too. Watch out for the unexpected ending in this one. Both the female leads are at their sexiest best in this one.


13. Philadelphia

One of the best gay relationship Hollywood adult movie, this one circles around a well-known lawyer who keeps his homosexuality under the wraps. However, when diagnosed as HIV positive, his sexuality comes into the limelight and he is wrongfully terminated from his job. What follows is an enthralling journey that will mesmerize you.


14. Dressed To Kill

A prostitute is wrongly accused of murdering someone and nobody believes in her innocence. Along with the victim’s son she sets out to prove herself innocent hardly prepared for the shocking chain of events and revelations that lay ahead.


15. Last Tango In Paris

Almost completely shot in the most romantic city of the world, Paris, this erotic tale will keep you mesmerized till the end. A middle-aged business gets involved with a woman and wants nothing but sex between them.

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16. The Reader

Intricate emotions wrapped in erotic moments make this one of the most popular Hollywood adult movies. Released in 2008, this German-American romantic drama film has an IMDB rating of 7.6. The story starts with the romance between 36-year-old Hanna and 15-year-old Michael. It follows their love and life with passing years.


These movies will definitely change your perspective about portrayal of sex in the movies. Do let us know which captivated you the most.



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