Olympics 2016: Indian Hockey Team Miss Opening Ceremony Due To ‘Unsuitable’ Kits

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10:34 am 6 Aug, 2016

The Indian hockey team on August 5 decided to skip the Rio Olympics opening ceremony so as to protest against the fact that their Olympic kits were not ready ahead of the competition.

The members of Indian hockey team were left red-faced as they saw that more than eight of their Olympic jerseys were ‘misfit’ and were not suitable for wearing.


The team thus decided to skip the march past ceremony altogether so as not to be embarrassed at the global stage as the mega event was televised live worldwide.

The miss also gave them a chance to rest before their first match that would take place just a day after the opening ceremony.

The improper kit has come as another blow for the hockey team who already faced trouble in Rio this week as their rooms were ill equipped for living.


When Sports Minister Vijay Goel was asked about the situation, he said that it was Rio’s organising committee’s job to make sure all facilities were in place and that he has asked officials to look into the matter.


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