Now In India: Ice-Cream Cones Named After Adolf Hitler Are On Sale

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12:55 pm 29 May, 2015


Do you love eating ice-cream? Well, there’s a new brand of ice-cream cones in the market. It is called ‘Hilter ice-cream’. Yes, you read it right. And, it is readily available in India, reports Daily Mail Online.

It’s difficult to fathom what the Nazi leader may have in common with ice-creams cones, but Hitler’s name is splashed across boxes of the ice-cream cones which are sold in our country. Meanwhile, the cold eyes of the killer stare out at ice-cream customers from the side of the packaging.


In some boxes, he appears in cartoon form in a Swastika-shaped tophat with a jaunty red bowtie, which is somewhat at odds with his furious expression. Other more sombre packages depict him in full military regalia with almost photographic realism.

A lack of Holocaust education in India means that people on the sub-continent know little about the Nazi leader, and consequently, Hitler-themed pubs and restaurants are not viewed with outrage.

But back in the country that struggles to shake off his murderous legacy 70 years after his death, it is a different story. News of the Hitler ice-cream cones provoked a furious response on websites calling for the brand to be withdrawn.


German newspaper Bild labelled the ice-cream cones a ‘macabre publicity stunt’, while several Twitter users branded them ‘tasteless!’

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