Hiten Tejwani’s Wife Gauri Reacts Perfectly To Arshi’s Flirtation And Hina Calling Him Spineless

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2:00 pm 10 Dec, 2017


Hiten Tejwani is a respectable name in the television industry. Presently, as a contestant in reality show Bigg Boss 11, his fair and smart game has earned him a lot of respect in the house as well. Even host Salman Khan refers to him as one of the most sensible and mature contestants.

But however sensible, perhaps no one has been able to come out of Bigg Boss house with a spotless image. Despite being honest and mature, Hiten has been referred to as a diplomatic and spineless person from time to time.

Hiten Tejwani. IndiaToday

Also, he has been facing flirtatious acts from his co-contestant Arshi Khan a number of times. However, Hiten has maintained a clear distance from Arshi all this while.

Hiten Tejwani’s wife Gauri. Sociofreak


Recently, Hiten Tejwani’s wife Gauri Pradhan Tejwani visited the Bigg Boss 11 house and appreciated Hiten for the great game he is playing. She also interacted with Hina Khan who had called Hiten spineless and Arshi who has been flirting with him. Here is a glimpse of Gauri visit to the Bigg Boss 11 house:



Gauri also spoke about Arshi trying to get personal with Hiten and Hina Khan calling him “spineless” and Vikas’s “dum” (tail) in an interview to India Today.

Bigg Boss 11 contestant Arshi Khan. TOI

Talking about Arshi, Gauri said that she has nothing against her and whatever she is doing is her game plan to stay for long in the house. She also said that she finds Arshi’s acts funny and childish. A television actress herself, Gauri said that she has been married for thirteen years and has no insecurities.

Hina Khan called Hiten Tejwani spineless on Bigg Boss 11. IndiaTVNews

When asked about Hina Khan’s remarks about Hiten, Gauri said:

It doesn’t matter what other person is saying till the time you know what you are doing is right and is in favour of the house. I never took her side or supported her, but I do give her a  benefit of doubt that in such circumstances and given situations you tend to lose your cool and say things that you wouldn’t otherwise. You get frustrated inside (the house) but that is exactly the time when you should know how to control yourself.

Hiten Tejwani with Gauri Pradhan Tejwani. PinkVilla

Talking about Hiten’s strategy and game plan, she said:


We are so proud of the way he is conducting himself in the show. He is playing really well.. actually he is not playing at all to be honest. He is just the same even in real life to. He is not pretending at all and going with the flow. He must be waiting for me, as other contestants’ family member have made their visit, I’m sure he would be expecting me by now. It’s been more than two months I have seen him. We are all missing him, children are missing him so much. They want papa to win the show and come.

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