Bhagat Singh Was A ‘Terrorist’, This Is What NCERT History Books Teach Us

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6:28 pm 29 Feb, 2016

In the recent past there has been a lot of talk about how many school and college-level course books in India are teaching students a wrong version of history and how at times even some prominent people are missing from these course books.

The recent controversy is on an NCERT text book for class V student that was issued under the UPA Government and found some glaring factual errors in it.

Here is what the book tells us about Bhagat Singh:


What Bhagat Singh did was a ‘revolutionary terrorist’, according to the book.

Gujarat massacre was being blamed on ‘fundamental Hindus’ who are the ‘filth of the human race’


Mature and Confident Rahul Gandhi at 45 years of age is still Congress Party’s ‘bright young politician’


Besides this textbook, there were some other bizarre things that were written in other NCERT textbooks:

The role of ‘Netaji’ Subhas Chandra Bose in Indian history books was missing.



There is picture of a Frenchman smoking a cigar in a Class X book.



A Class IX book gives ‘greater prominence’ to cricket than the French Revolution.




If children learn such misleading history and contorted socio-cultural lessons, wonder what future of India are we building.