From Stone Age To Modern Age, History Behind The Most Peculiar Sex Toys Ever Made

9:00 am 12 Apr, 2018

History has witnessed the obsession of humankind with sex toys since a long time. One might not even find a culture that did not have a rich erotic lifestyle. And honestly, for sensualists, sex plays an important role in their lives, the meaning of which has developed throughout the millennium.

The little battery-operated vibrator or the snuggly-fitting toy that one uses for maximum pleasure, took a lot of work and research by the designers to reach that perfection that it has right now. One may wonder that sex toys rose to popularity during the ‘60s or ‘70s but in reality, the sex toys have been serving the masses for thousands of years.



There have been discoveries of tools surviving from the prehistoric times such as phallic objects that served multiple purposes, sexual stimulations being an important one.

Take a look at some of the most bizarre yet fascinating sex toys that have served their righteous purpose:

Stone Age



Archaeologists have found a 28,000 year old stone object in a dark and damp cave in Germany, that’s noticeably dildo-like. It is 7.8 inches long, rounded at the end like a penis and it is polished to perfection. Arguably, it was being called the oldest known ‘sex toy’ ever found. During the excavation at Neolithic site in Membury Rings in Dorset, England in the early 20th century, archaeologists found a phallic-shaped object made from chalk that measured 4-inches long. Researchers in Southwest France have also discovered a 36,000 year old bison horn carving called the Blanchard phallus. The purpose of these artifacts has been unknown to most of the researchers but the deliberate shapes of these objects told a different story.

Ancient Greek



Ancient Greece has been involved in some amazing sexual activities. According to researchers, ancient Greeks started using dildos as early as the 6th century BC. Aristophanes has mentioned about dildos several times in his comic story Lysistrata. This comic was written in 411 BC, telling a story of woman’s desire to end the Peloponnesian War by denying the only thing that men desired – sex. They withheld sex while enjoying the pleasure of dildo on the other side. Moreover, it is no wonder that the Greeks and Romans who worshipped the gods of wine and fertility – Dionysus and Bacchus, would make room in their culture for sex toys. They made efforts to upgrade from the hard materials like stone, tar and wood and developed ‘olisbokollikes’ which was essentially dildos baked out of bread or breadstick. (Whole new take on ‘food porn’)

Industrial Age



Victorians applied their knowledge of harnessing the engine to the sex toys and created a ‘steam-powered dildo’ back in 1869. American physician Dr. George Taylor patented the dildo that consisted of an extremely jumpy steam engine attached to a phallic object. During the same time, a whole range of ‘massaging apparatuses’ were being popularized by the physicians, including an electromechanical vibrator and foot-pump powered dildos.  During the 20th century, these objects made their way into the homes of the consumers for self-pleasure.

Legendary Vibrator of Cleopatra



Queen of Nile, Cleopatra was behind the world’s first vibrator that was made by filling a papyrus box or hollowed out of vegetable with angry bees and then capping it. It might be a complete rumor but the great seductress had her servants do the job and she used to pleasure herself with the angry vibrations.

Japanese Erotica



Shunga is a genre of erotic woodblock prints that depicted the Japanese obsessed with sex from the 17th century to the 20th century. Hokusai, the artist behind the ‘Great Wave off Kanagawa’ print series was one of the painters of the genre. The paintings featured almost every sexual acts from graphic orgies to octopus bestiality.

Han Dynasty



Around 206 BC and 220 220 BC, the Han Dynasty in China enjoyed rich relationships with their sex toys. Tomb excavations during the period reveal that the dynasty’s elites were quite involved with their bronze dildos and jade butt plugs. Since Jade is a rare material, it had the ability to ward off the spiritual and bodily decay. Embalmers would use the butt plugs to prevent the loss of ‘vital essences’ from the body.

Goat Eye Cock Ring




The best way to spice up the sex life in China around 800 years ago was the goat eyelid cock rings. The elastic ring would grip the base of the penis and keep the blood trapped inside the tissue to maintain an erection. They became popular in quite a lot of places around the world.

These sex toys from the earlier times will make you realize that sexual pleasure is as important as any other happiness in the world. Although, there is still a stigma present today while talking about sexual pleasure and sex toys but the times are changing with the people openly talking about their sexualities.