Historical Facts About Old Monk – Pan India Favorite Rum

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If there’s one drink that the Indians swear by, can anyone guess what might be it? Well, no, not tea or coffee but, our very own, Old Monk Rum—why? If coffee is more famous among the South Indians and the youth, then tea is more famous among the North Indians and generally the post-youth people, so none of these drinks can be rated one above the other. On the other hand, Old monk is the rum that most people in India swear by—be it North or South Indians, youth or aged people, Old Monk is everyone’s favorite. So, let’s make an attempt to know about our favorite rum better—


7. What is it?

This is for those few “pious” souls out there who haven’t had the opportunity to savor this rum. Well, Old Monk is vatted Indian dark rum with an underlying vanilla flavor to it.


Historical Facts About Old Monk - Pan India Favorite Rum Launched in 1954, this rum contains 42.8% alcohol and is said to be brewed for 7 years (though there are expensive versions of this rum which are brewed across a period of 12 years!). It is produced by Mohan Meakin who is based in Mohan Nagar, Gazhiabad, Uttar Pradesh.


6. Its Inception – Came from Asia’s OLDEST Brewery

Old Monk is good ol’ Indian rum that was first made 158 years ago in 1855 by a person named Edward Dyer in the picturesque quaint Indian town of Kasauli in Himachal Pradesh.

Historical Facts About Old Monk - Pan India Favorite Rum

And, within a century of its inception, it became the leading rum, not only India, but across the whole world! Today, it has an empire worth 400 crores! In other words, it’s not just rum, but a revolution!


5. At the Top, Sans any Advertisement

Nowadays numerous alcohol brands advertise their products in the name of “music cds” and “club soda”, where everybody is well aware of the real intension. However, we are definitely not against advertisement of products; it’s a necessity, especially in this age of neck-deep competition.

Take a bow

Historical Facts About Old Monk - Pan India Favorite Rum

But, Old Monk is something totally exceptional—it’s been one of the best and most popular rum in the world sans any advertisement. Now, that’s something worth applauding and commending!


4. Biggest Brand

Ranked 5th among the Indian alcohol brands in the Impact International’s list of “Top 100 Brands at Retail Value” in 2008, with a retail value counting over US$ 240 million.

Historical Facts About Old Monk - Pan India Favorite Rum

In fact, it was also the biggest Indian Made Foreign Liquor Brand in the world until very recently when it lost its position to Mc Dowell’s No. 1 Celebration Rum. However, it hasn’t failed to maintain its goodwill, and is regarded as the third largest selling rum in the world! Old Monk has also received several gold medals at the Monde World Selections in 1982.


3. International Market

Apart from India, retailers in innumerable countries in North America, Asia and Europe sell this rum at retail prices.

Historical Facts About Old Monk - Pan India Favorite Rum

The list of countries includes UK, USA, Japan, Russia, Finland, Estonia, UAE, Canada and New Zealand among many others. The Old Monk Rum (USA) contains 40% alcohol as against 42.8% in the Indian version.


2. Expensive, is it?

Since its inception, Old Monk has prided itself in being one of the best brands of rum at a super bargain price! Yes, it’s a brand that sells world class flavored rum at prices as low as Rs. 120 for a 180ml bottle. And, if you go for the Supreme “limited edition” ones, be sure to shell off quite a fortune. In other words, it’s a steal! Well, if you look from a different angle, you can very well term it as a revolution that has gone a long way in eradicating social divisions! Food for thought, eh?

Historical Facts About Old Monk - Pan India Favorite Rum


1. Can be Doubled-up as a Medicine

This is something that we’ve heard from our ancestors (it’s serious, so please don’t smirk!)—if you mix a small quantity of rum, say around 1-2 tsp, with warm water and gulp it, it’s going to relieve you from cough and cold which occurs due to sudden weather changes.

Historical Facts About Old Monk - Pan India Favorite Rum

In some parts of India, it is even given to children to provide relief from biting cold. After all, it’s not really just for any simple reason that Old Monk is lovingly regarded by many as the “National Drink of India”!



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