8 Important Things That Will Help You To Hire The Best Candidates For Your Startup

5:15 pm 26 Jun, 2018

Hiring is difficult, but if you are an HR who hires for a startup, life can become even more difficult. As a growing company with not so much of a cash flow, if you hire an irrelevant candidate who doesn’t fit, it will eventually break your startup. Hence, you have to take precautions when it comes to your decision on hiring the best talent for the startup.

So, today, let us discuss some points that will help you get on a decision to hire the best candidates for your startup.

1. A company with vision and a mission

During your initial days, it is obvious that you won’t have the required financial strength to offer big salaries to your employees. Now, in this case, what you should do is that you convince the best talents to work for you and in order to make this happen, build a company with vision and a mission that actually inspires them. Ultimately, as an HR, you should be well versed with the company’s vision and you should be able to communicate it to the potential candidate in the best way possible.


Hiring for startups


2. Build a great place to work at

You know what’s a great tool for finding the best talent? It’s “Word of mouth”. Let’s say if your existing employees are happy with the work environment you provide, then it is more likely that they will spread the word with their friends and other networks which in turn will get more attention. You need to create a great working environment, get a great place to work and then I assure you that the best talents in the market will want to work for you.


Hiring for startups


3. Build your brand

Your company, being one of the popular brands is the reason why people would want to work with you. People obviously want to invest themselves to take their career to another level and a growing and popular brand will be of great interest to them. It’s very important that you market your brand/organization on social media and there are conferences and meetups where you can reach a larger audience and tell them how it is like to work for your company.


Hiring for startups


4. Retain your existing talent

People who are highly skilled want to work with highly-skilled people. Such candidates focus on consistent growth in their respective careers and also being around with highly-skilled employees. What this does is it helps talented employees to build a force by learning from each other and transferring knowledge from one another. And once you have highly skilled people working for your company, it becomes even easier to attract talented people or hiring a candidate becomes much easier.


Hiring for startups


5. Maintain the online presence

You need to be transparent and have a blog site of your own where you can add blogs about the industry you are in or may be contributing blogs to relevant guest blog sites which will help you build your brand. Talk about the successes of your company online and the lessons you learned. Talk about how dynamic your working environment is. Talented people are always looking for such blogs or posts and after reading or viewing such contents, it would interest them to join your company.


Hiring for startups


6. Choose the candidates with previous experience in startups

I figure this point will be pretty obvious to you but you may want to choose those candidates who have worked with startups over those candidates who have worked at large corporations or multinationals. People coming from MNCs generally do not have the mindset to work with startups. They cannot handle the flexibility and are not able to give more to the company since it is in its growing phase.


Hiring for startups


7. Look for people who have worked on personal projects

Working on a project is obviously a good thing and people doing side projects are bound to have more knowledge and creativity. Look for such people who have been working or have worked on a project related to your company or industry. Also, keep in mind that if a person has too many individual projects that remained unsuccessful might not be the one whom you want for your company, because they may be one of those who finds it hard to focus on things and finishing it. But, let me tell you this, don’t really judge people on the basis of the completion of the project or how successful it was. It becomes an entirely different scenario if in case a candidate’s project is a success. But what you want to look is how people have tried new things, implementing new ideas, dedicating their time behind running that project even when it’s not a success. You ought to find those candidates who are target driven and hardworking.


Hiring for startups


8. Handling social media platforms

If you are looking for people for your startup which is web-based or maybe it has a lot to do with social media platforms, then you might want those candidates who are well versed in web-based tools like Google Analytics, Twitter Analytics, Facebook ads, etc. Hopefully, they would even blog about something. So you can just give it a read and figure out how good the candidate is. Maybe check out his last 100 tweets on his account. Nowadays, people have also started using Linkedin as a source to share information. You might also want to check his/her LinkedIn profile for the type of information which he shares.


Hiring for startups


There isn’t any magic pill to help you recruit for startups. I am quite sure that you would make mistakes. We all do. But you need to take your own time and have an entire process sorted out in place to attract the best talents in the market and getting them onboard.