In 4 Tweets, Singer Chinmayi Shuts Down The Rants Against AR Rahman’s London Concert

Updated on 20 Jul, 2017 at 5:03 pm


It is said that music has healing powers. It soothes a broken heart and calms an anxious mind. But what happened at AR Rahman’s concert at the Wembley Stadium, London, speaks a different story. It is the story of a country where people are divided into two opposing groups and start fighting over their respective languages.

A mass walk-out happened at Rahman’s concert in London as people were disappointed due to the numerous Tamil songs he sang. Soon enough, a Twitter battle ensued between pro-Hindi and pro-Tamil groups. Talented singer Chinmayi Sripaada’s tweets are going viral because they target the people speaking ill about a Tamil singer singing in his mother tongue.


Just to rewind a little, let us see what were the major arguments given by both teams.


People who thought that the concert has turned into a bad deal because of Tamil songs.


Was total disaster,for someone who made his name in Bollywood(at least on sheer numbers) it was disrespectful from him,even speaking Tamil

— Apoorva Dixit (@apoorva_dixit) July 9, 2017


People who drew a parallel between the imposition of Hindi over South India and the Twitterati whining about listening to songs in a different language.


Chinmayi Sripaada, a voice of reason right now, shut down all the haters on Twitter in a go. It took only 4 tweets talking about 4 reasonable ways to look at the issue and understand it.

Strike 1: Calls out the hypocrisy.

Strike 2: The obvious facts.

 Strike 3: Let’s see who is being biased now.

 Strike 4: Feel the alienation, yet?


We must thank Chinmayi for stepping up and sharing a word of logic with the emotionally charged people.