Can You Eat ‘Hindustan Ka Sabse Bada Pratha’? It Is 1’6” In Size And Weighs 1Kg

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1:37 pm 30 Apr, 2015

Presenting: Tapasya Pratha Junction — “Hindustan ka sabse bada pratha”.

Hindustan ka sabse bada paratha_3


Now checkout their menu:

Hindustan ka sabse bada paratha_Menu1
Hindustan ka sabse bada paratha_Menu2


Yummy, hun! But you need to have a large group to eat one whole paratha. Don’t you believe it? Take a look at the paratha size:

Hindustan ka sabse bada paratha

That’s quite big…Isn’t it?

But if you can eat three of these huge parathas in 50 mins, you have a great offer from them:


Hindustan ka sabse bada paratha_4

Oh, and peep into their kitchen and see how they make it!

Lip smacking, isn’t it? Go give it a try. Here is the address: Delhi bypass, Bus stand road, Rajiv Chowk, Rohtak.

Tapasya Pratha Junction also has a Facebook page.

We thank Puneet Kumar for the video.


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