Forced Conversion To Islam Is Making Lives Of Hindus Miserable In Pakistan: Reports

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6:03 pm 17 Jun, 2016


According to reports, Hindus in Pakistan continue to suffer from forced conversions and discrimination against them.

The reports further suggest that there is no end to their plight and that as many as 1,000 girls from different religions are forcibly converted to Islam each year.


Though there are no confirmed statistics on forced conversions, the above are unofficial estimates based on other reports.

The topic of forced conversion has become an ever bigger issue now, especially looking at the significant number of Pakistani Hindus who are now forced to migrate to India.




Hindu and Sikh refugees from Pakistan Dawn

The practice which is hardly talked about, also means that Hindu girls, particularly who are minor, are now forcibly divorced from their religion and subjugated to remain separated from their families.

The issue of forced conversions in Pakistan is one of the gravest human rights concern for the country and brings the stark reality of the plight of Hindus in the country.


The issue was recently brought to light by Pakistan Tekreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Hindu lawmaker Lal Chand Malhi who is serving as MNA on a minority seat.

He over the months has been arguing in the Pakistani Parliament for the need to pass and implement legislation on forced conversions.

Malhi, is a parliamentarian from Umerkot, which is the only district in Pakistan where almost half the population is Hindu.


The Tribune

PTI lawmaker Lal Chand Malhi The Tribune

While discussing the topic, Malhi even pointed out that forced conversions have become a matter of routine in some parts of the country and that a significant portion of Pakistani Hindus belonged to the lower Hindu castes.

The above implied that they thus neither had the means nor the influence to get cases of forced conversions reported as it only gets reported when a Hindu of upper caste become a victim.


The fact also remains that there is hardly any concentrated effort put in to stop this evil practice by either of the provincial government or the federal governments.


The above thus clearly exposes the Pakistani government’s indifference among its own countrymen.

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