Hindu Sena Says This Satirical Short Film On Mahabharata Is An Insult Of The Indian Epic

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1:03 pm 12 Sep, 2016

To some viewers, it would be a waste of time to watch ‘Mamma’s Boys’. To others the short film is an affront to Hinduism.

Directed by Akshat Verma of ‘Delhi Belly’ fame, the short film has come in for criticism from a section of the society.

The Hindu Mahasabha has submitted a complaint against the film for belittling the characters from the revered Hindu epic.


According to reports, Hindu Sena chief Vishnu Gupta said that the film makes a mockery of one of the biggest epics of the Hindu religion and insults Indian culture.

He has reportedly warned the producers to pull the film off YouTube.

“Akshat Verma and the team of Mama’s Boy have deliberately and maliciously acted intending to outrage religious feelings of Hindus by insulting its religion and religious beliefs by making fun of its religious book. The content of the film may also be made objectionable under article 19(2) of Constitution of India,” read the complaint.

The producer of the film, Ashi Dua, said that the film should be seen as a fiction and that the makers had no intention of hurting the religious sentiments of anyone.

The film is set in 2016 and puts the lens on the part where Arjuna brings Draupadi to his mother Kunti after winning her hand in a Swayamvara.

Defenders of the film claim it is a satire on how the modern world is in many ways still ancient.

Two of the characters – Nakul and Sahadev – are shown as gay, while Yudhisthira is shown drinking and smoking. Kunti is played by Neena Gupta and Draupadi is portrayed by Aditi Rao Hydari. Arunoday Singh plays Bhim.

The late Razak Khan plays Shakuni.




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