Hindu Neighbours Saved Lives Of A Muslim Joint Family In Bisada From Lynch Mob

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3:25 pm 3 Oct, 2015

While tensions are running high in Bisada following the death of Mohammed Ikhlaq in the beef incident, in an example of communal harmony 70 members of a Muslim joint family were saved by their Hindu neighbours while the mob assaulted Ikhlaq’s family.

Hindus went out to help Muslims including men, women and children before a mob could reach their homes.

Not only did they save their lives but also assured the safety of their homes, which they had fled from in a hurry.

They were alerted about the mob by their Hindu neighbours, who asked them to leave their places as soon as possible.

Speaking to Hindustan Times, Abdul Muhammad, a 65-year-old resident of Bisada, said:

“If we are alive it is only because of our Hindu neighbours.”

The reports says that three men – Vineet Kumar, Umesh Kumar and Ashok – themselves planned an escape route for the joint family.

Ashok helped children, women and older people and crossed a pond at 2 am to reach a nearby road. While Vineet and Umesh drove their utility vehicle to the road through a lane that is not commonly used by the people of village.


Umesh informed them about the mob when he was returning from home at 11 pm on Monday.  Frightened, Muslims in the area left most of their belongings in their homes.

The trio said that they had to make three rounds from the village to Dadri. It took them two hours to take all the 70 Muslim inhabitants of the village to safety.

“We were worried about the dignity of our women. We believed that our village is safe for us but trust is broken now,” said 60-year-old Rayisan Bano.

The village, which has a population of 14,000 residents, comprises 50 Muslim families. The TOI reports that many admitted that leaving the village permanently might be the only way to ensure safety for their families.


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