How Hindu-Muslims Solved Their Differences In Tamil Nadu Is Commendable

2:08 pm 10 Oct, 2018


Religious tension in India leads to acts of violence by followers of one religious group against the other. Majorly it results in a riot. Hindus and Muslims in India are living together for many years but the violence between the two groups takes the form of bloody riots. But recently an incident of Hindu – Muslim harmony and an interesting way of expressing the concern against the other group saved many lives.

Last month, a clash broke out between Hindu – Muslim communities at Shenkottai near Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu. A Ganpathi procession was passing via a Muslim majority area which took the form of violence. Vehicles and shops were damaged. But in response, the Hindu community did not fight; instead presented an example of Hindu- Muslim harmony.




The Hindu community stopped buying products from the shops owned by Muslims. The co-founder of the online portal “Postcard News”, Mahesh Vikram Hegde tweeted how the Muslim community members apologized after the non-violent act.



Another tweet!



Mahesh was arrested in Karnataka in the month of March this year on charges of spreading the fake and communally sensitive news.  Hegde’s arrest was based on his tweet on March 19 on an accident involving a Jain monk. His portal had reported that Upadhyaya Mayank Sagar Ji Maharaj was hit by a drunk biker, who is Muslim.


We are assuming that the tweets are talking about the actual incident. But even if it is fake, then too it can be taken as a hope! What do you think?

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