This Hindu Family Stays Up Every Night To Help Their Muslim Neighbours Observe Ramzan

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3:37 pm 21 Jun, 2016


Every year, Gulab Yadav, 45 and his son Abhishek Yadav, 12, travel to Mubarakpur village of Azamgarh to make sure that Muslim families in their area observe Ramzan without a hitch.



Gulab Yadav and his son Abhishek Yadav NDTV

The duo take time off during the month of Ramzan, so as to continue a unusual family tradition that was started by  Gulab’s father Chirkit Yadav.

In 1975’s Chirkit had started the tradition waking up late night during the month or Ramzan so as to knock the doors of all the Muslim families in the village, and make sure that they were up for their morning Sehri meal and Azaan before they start their daylong fast.



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He later started taking Gulab and his brothers along with him in the process .

Though Gulab says he was too young then to figure out why, he continued to do it every year and plans to do it for many years to come.

He said :

“I guess it gives you peace. That’s about it. After my father, my older brother did it for a few years, then I started this and now I come back here every Ramzan.”

Gulab, along with his son start their work at 1 am every morning and spend two hours visiting every house in area and not leave before the families are awake.

To make sure, that no one is left, they even go back for a second round.

According to Gulab’s  neighbor Shafiq, Gulab was only four when the tradition started and calls it a “very commendable thing” as “he ensures no one is left without the sehri before the Azaan and what can be more pure than this.”


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Despite stories like Hindu families leaving Muslim-dominated town in Kairana, Uttar Pradesh has been doing rounds for some time now; it is stories like this that provide a strong counterpoint to the view and shows that people in India very much live in harmony irrespective of cast, creed or religion.

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