Twitterati Slams Hina Khan And Priyank For Their ‘Characterless’ Remark Against Arshi Khan

8:13 pm 23 Nov, 2017


‘Bigg Boss Season 11’ is on and the reality show is in headlines due to contestants getting involved in everyday fights and giving reprehensible comments. Contestants like Hina Khan, who remains the audience’s favorite, is now seen in an all-new avatar – she is no more TVs best “bahu” and has turned out to be more of a vamp.


On the other hand, inside the ‘Bigg Boss’ house, there are people like Arshi Khan, who have not only taken the show’s extremes to another level, but have made us believe that it is just a game of TRPs.


At times both Hina and Arshi have been spotted indulging in irrelevant fights over pity issues. In this season, Hina is one contestant who has proved her point time and again with the help of her tears. In yesterday’s episode, Hina and Priyank teamed up to speak against Arshi. This happened during the luxury budget task.



When Priyank started accusing Arshi of wearing provocative clothes, Hina called Arshi “vulgar” and “characterless”.

The video soon went viral on Twitter and Twitterati slammed Hina for using such a language on national TV:



It seems that Hina, who is also one of the highest paid stars on TV, has just broken the expectations of her fans.

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