Haters Attack Hina On Twitter After She Posted Her First Message Coming Out Of BB11 House

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3:05 pm 19 Jan, 2018


Bigg Boss season 11 has finally ended but its fans are still suffering from Bigg Boss fever. When season 11 was going on viewers got divided into groups and started supporting their favorite contestant. Shilpa got support from the majority and that helped her in becoming the winner of the season. However, Hina Khan is one of those contestants who kept in the news during the whole season but for all the wrong reasons. Viewers didn’t appreciate the things that Hina said about the other contestants of the house. Hina’s image as sanskaari bahu Akshara got completely spoilt when she unveiled herself on Bigg Boss 11.


The actor’s unexpected avatar became harder to digest for the viewers. Also, Hina’s behavior with Shipla was also the reason why she got a negative response from Bigg Boss fans. Even after being one of the strongest contestants on the show, she failed to win the title and it was solely because she failed to win the hearts of BB addicts.



The show has now ended but people are still not over it. They are still supporting their favorites and slamming the ones they hated in the house. Something similar happened when Hina Khan posted her first message after coming out of Bigg Boss house. Hina talked about her BB journey and thanked her fans for supporting her.

Here’s what Hina posted:

Sadly, the actress got attacked by haters who didn’t leave a chance to troll her. Here’s how they reacted:










Don’t you think that people should get over the show now when it has ended? What are your views on this? Do share your opinion in the comments section below.