What Villagers In Himachal Pradesh Did To A Dying Snow Leopard Makes Them Greater Than Humans

Updated on 18 Aug, 2018 at 5:30 pm



Kibber is a small village in Spiti Valley of Himachal Pradesh. It offers one of the most majestic glimpses of the mighty Himalayas.


A view of the Himalayas from Kibber. HobbyMonger

Being a village close to the high mountains, it is frequently visited by snow leopard – the beautiful animal found only in Himalayas.

Snow leopards feed on small animals, including sheep. This, obviously, brings them in conflict with the villagers. But they are so elusive that nature photographers consider it as one of their greatest achievements if they spot one in the wild.



Yet in February, the villagers of Kibber did something unusual, according to a report.

They spotted a snow leopard on a peak. It was old and ailing. They knew that the big cat won’t survive.



So they offered their live-stock to the cat to help it survive for as long as possible.

That is unbelievable. There are people who kill leopards the moment they spot them and here are villagers who are helping an animal that is basically an enemy.


Yet despite their semi-divine gesture, the snow leopard did not survive. Forest officials helped the villagers bring the body back to the village.

Here, too, the villagers set an example for all humanity. They gave a proper funeral to the beast like they do for humans.


In a world torn apart by hate of all kinds, the people of Kibber are proving that they are greater than humans.