21 Hilarious and Side-splitting Things You Will Find Only In India

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12:00 pm 15 Feb, 2016

We Indians are blessed with a good sense of humor and intelligence. From the Indian Ocean to the peaks of the Himalayas, India is filled with warm and sensitive people belonging to different creeds, religions and ethnic backgrounds. Among these good things, we have accumulated a few strange and hilarious things you will find only in our country.


1. This hilarious warning board


2. How about this Tiny Tits nursery?


3. 3D art?


4. Hey man, you got a dirty mind!


5. Such an awesome discount!


6. The 18+ Indian cuisine place


7. Ladies! Line up, please.


8. Only for ladies, but also for men.


9. When you’ve got to clean, you’ve got to clean.


10. As opposed to solid tea?


11. Hand job free with car wash?


12. Over sensitive eyes.


13. What fashion!


14. Such great offers are available only in India.


15. Don’t leave your babies here!


16. Vegetarians what about dining at – Potty’s Restaurant


17. Jents and Leadies!


18. I mean seriously?


19. This would be the only hotel giving such facility!


20. You must visit it!


21. Sony Erection?

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