These Hilarious Yet Relatable Tweets On #WhyImSingle Will Leave You In Splits

1:51 pm 13 Aug, 2018


Dating is hard even if you put your best efforts in the relationship. So many times people end up being single after a heartfelt breakup. And people end up giving this clichéd dialogue – ‘it’s not you, it’s me’, as the reason for the breakup. However, not everyone is single because of an emotional breakup. There are many people who are single by their ‘own’ choice. However, the choices can vary from person to person. Apparently, popular television show host Jimmy Fallon asked his viewers of his show to share their dating failures on the social media and reasons as to why they are single. And since then the Twitter is flooding with #WhyImSingle tweets.

The hashtag went viral on the social media and netizens are posting the most epic reasons for their singlehood. While some keep meeting jerks, there are many with weird obsessions because of which they are single.



From memes to gifs, netizens are showcasing their best creativity with #WhyImSingle on Twitter and the result is just hilarious. Check out some of our favorite picks from the funniest reasons of people to why they are single:


Hey. it is a very important topic of discussion!



I am amazed!



You read my mind!



Oh, you poor baby!



It is better that way then!






I don’t have anything to wear!



Please stay away from me!



Main apni favourite hoon!



And it is not a crime!



I am best friends with my dog!



In order to find my soulmate!




Who cares!



Music is love!



No one can take her place!



No one can be as weird as her!



Bacon forever!



Tell me about it!



Total Boss Girl!



Ryan, are you listening?



No one can take the place of my bed in life!



Every time!



Here’s a shoutout!



Sorry! Not Sorry!



Quite appropriate!