16 Photoshoots Where Everyone Involved Must Have Been Drunk Or High

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3:00 pm 11 Feb, 2015

1. Sridevi – with short hair and curtain-y clothes, looking like she was in a bad version of ‘The Sound of Music’.

2. Govinda and Juhi – If sex in the kitchen leads to you looking like this, then stick to the bedroom, people.

 3. Rekha – with some weird alien creature claiming her skull as its home planet.

4. Aditya Pancholi – reminding us to be thankful for the small things in life, like cardboard.

 5. Madhuri Dixit – looking like she just escaped from a sandwich with a lot of mustard sauce in it.

 6. Shakti Kapoor – If you ever wondered where the actress’s dupatta landed after hitting the fan, now you know.

7. Jaya Bachchan – who doesn’t know how to eat a cabbage or even what to do with it.

 8. Kimi Katkar – Apparently there was a time when guys would get really turned-on at the sight of leaves on a girl’s head.

9. Jaya Prada – with a weird pointer finger and a hairstyle that was clearly inspired by a volcanic eruption.

10. Akshay Kumar – who can’t decide if he feels hot or cold, and is standing next to a drain pipe in someone’s house.

 11. Ayesha Jhulka – who looks like your neighborhood auntie-ji decided to try out a kinkier lifestyle.

12. Mamta Kulkarni – does look like a beautiful woman, apart from that crotch, which seems to be carrying extra baggage.

 13. Urmila Matondkar – looks like she killed a firangi cow and then put on its skin, just for fun, you know?

14. Ranjeet – who seems to have shamed a bird real bad by putting yellow briefs on it (and who smokes way too much).

15. Amrita Singh – looks like she returned from Dubai plenty of times in the last few minutes.

16. Juhi Chawla – who apparently didn’t give a damn about flashing people way before it became cool for actresses to do so.


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