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Flight Attendant’s Sassy Response To A Passenger Nagging About Window Seat Is Downright Hilarious

Published on 16 November, 2018 at 7:05 pm By

The last time I took a flight, the attended gifted me a box of cashew nut because I didn’t eat my prepaid meal. Agreed they are not always that friendly but mostly the attendants are someone who can give you a slight relief in otherwise rather tedious flights. However, the picture is rather distressing on the other end. Think that serving people in an enclosed place and bearing with their stupidity at times, when you are flying thousands of miles high in the sky, is easy? Of course not! Hence, there are times when flight attendants come up with sassy answers which creates hilarious in-flight incidents.


Recently, one of such hilarious in-flight incidents has left everyone in splits. As shared by a Twitter user, a man inside a flight was nagging the attendant about getting a non-window seat. Naturally, she tried to pacify the person but without any effect. Then, she took a step that was simply hilarious.



Wondering what she did? Very calmly the attendant drew on a paper and stuck it in the place where the window was supposed to be. Before we go any further, here is the drawing.



The roughly drawn clouds and sea on the paper are amazingly funny. As soon as the pictures were shared they attracted a huge amount of likes and shares. Though the original tweet is in Japanese here is the rough translation of the same.


“When cabin attendants came around asking us if we wanted something to drink, the man beside me blurted out, ‘Give me a window.’”



It seems that the passenger was expecting or has chosen a window seat. However, he was greeted with the wall of the cabin. Naturally, he got upset and demanded his ‘rightful’ seat. The flight attended finally created this ‘genius’ makeshift solution.




Of course, we are not sure that the man enjoyed it or not but the Japanese travelers certainly enjoyed this incident. Do you have any such hilarious in-flight incidents to share? Our comments section is waiting for you. In case you are interested in knowing more funny incidents involving flights then check out this story of gold bars falling from a plane.

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