This Conversation Between A Twitter User And Amazon Delivery Will Make You Burst Into Laughter

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10:20 pm 23 Feb, 2018


We all had that one incident where we were unhappy with a service and have complained about it to their help desk.

While this complaint might not always have been online, we have seen or heard others do the same.

Now with the arrival of social media, these customer support platforms have become more accessible and even more transparent.


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While majority of these service department just send us one reply “get back to us on this email address to help you serve better,” at times we get few cases where people want to tackle the whole situation on the public platform itself.


In a similar incident, a customer named Danish Malik contacted online delivery service Amazon via the microblogging site Twitter. He had complained regarding a delivery where he had ordered a bottle Kissan Jam and was sent a wrong delivery.


He claimed the bottle he received was half eaten.

He thus decided to contact Amazon via Twitter, but instead of expressing anger he decided to share his complaint with a tinge of humor.

Here’s what he tweeted-


They soon apologised for the inconvenience and replied with their standard “email here” tweet so as to end the matter then in there.

But Danish was in no mood to end the conversation and replied in a teasing way:

Amazon though amused replied in a humble way.

But Danish had just started having fun and continued with another set of questions while still teasing them about the half-consumed jam bottle.

With Danish not stopping, Amazon too joined along the fun and replied with a witty answer of their own.

But Danish had already proved that he was the king of comebacks and had a witty answer of his own.


Amazon now sensing that they were outwitted thus tried to end all on a humble note.

Having a good laugh, Danish too decided to end the conversation, but not without a parting blow.




What are your thoughts on this twitter conversation? Hillarious right?

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