This Catfight Between Two Girls Over Salman Khan’s Bail Is Damn Hilarious!

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10:39 am 12 Apr, 2018


The bad boy of Bollywood, Salman Khan, was recently in the news for being convicted in 1998 Blackbuck poaching case. While Salman soon got a bail and he once again is out after his “cameo” appearance in jail, his fans and haters have not stopped debating.




In one such incident on Facebook, a girl named Aayushi Sharma got into an argument with a girl named Surbhi Sahu over Salman Khan.

The argument which had some hilarious sequences clearly shows the craziness of Salman Khan’s fans.

Since Salman’s arrest, a lot of memes have been circulating on the internet.

One such meme which supported Salman was shared by a diehard Salman Khan fan, a girl named Aayushi Sharma.


Replying to her meme, a fellow observer called Surbhi Sahu shared the following screenshot:



But Aayushi just couldn’t stand someone speaking against Salman and they were soon bickering over him.


Trying to stop both from arguing any further a guy named Daniel tried to intervene so as to calm the girls down but unfortunately ended up igniting the fire even more.


Seeing the tables turn against her and seeing no end to Aayushi’s debate, Surbhi decided to keep her views to herself but Daniel made some serious rebuttals to her points.



He also pointed out few other cases which should be taken seriously.


All this was happening just before Salman Khan got bail and it led to the duo to celebrate this “happy” news.




While we see this kind of debates every time Salam goes to court (and he has a lot of cases pending against him so he goes to the court a lot), we also get to know what the nation is really talking about at these moments as well.

What’s your take on above discussion? Please let us know in the comments section below.

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