These LED Skirts With Bluetooth Are Not Only Sexy, You Can Make Them Yourself

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Updated on 2 Sep, 2017 at 5:27 pm

Japan, the same land that has given the world the creepy notion of upskirt videos, has now seen the creation of an LED skirt, that may just thwart would-be upskirt photographers. The skirt reflects light on the wearer’s legs.

Using a 3D printer, bluetooth and a control board, Kiyoyuki Amano prepared a ‘smart’ skirt – hikaru skirt.



These skirts have been making waves in Japan and are expected to be produced and exported in large numbers this year. While this technology has been seen during stage performances and in music videos, the hikaru skirt brings it to the common man,

What’s great about this skirt is that you can make it yourself at home if you have a little bit of technical know-how.



The only thing that could perhaps dampen enthusiasm for this radical new outfit (of course, apart from just hating the very idea of it) is that it will most likely ‘throw light’ on cellulite, scars or anything that you dropped on yourself south of the border.

However, if you like to try out cool new fashion, try and get a hold of one of these skirts or make one using arduino boards that are easily available in the market.