This Guy Proposed To His Girlfriend At 17,200 ft (And Broke A Record While Being Romantic)

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“I hope I get to travel the world and I also hope that I get to do that with you by my side.”

This ravishing line by Ramneek could have melted any girl’s heart but Miss Mallick was the chosen one.

Ramneek, an avid traveller, fell in love with Gurudongmar Lake, one of the highest lakes in the world, located at an altitude of 17,200 ft. He always dreamed of asking his girlfriend to marry him at this blissful place and eventually he did just that.





Day 1: Every love story starts with a struggle

While Ramneek biked all the way from Kolkata to Siliguri, his girlfriend reached Siliguri by train to escape the tiring journey.

Ramneek reached Siliguri on time but was saddened to hear that a rail bridge in Assam had collapsed and that all the trains had been delayed. As his impatience multiplied, he decided to chill out with his friends.



Day 2: He finally met his girlfriend

The next day, he quickly reached the railway station and picked her up. From that very moment, his love blossomed and the ‘Proposal Ride’ began.




Day 3: The first day of the Proposal Ride

They started their journey and travelled to Rangpo. The dark monstrous clouds of Siliguri gave way for a beautiful sunshine to welcome them. Later that night, they managed to reach Lachen.




Day 4: The D-Day had come

The most difficult stretch to Gurudongmar is from Lachen to Thangu. However, with his Dukey (his bike), nothing seemed impossible to Ramneek. The journey was really monotonous but all the headache and sickness disappeared when they spotted the beautiful Tibetan plateau.

The proposal time at Gurudongmar Lake:

Ramneek walked up to Miss Mallick, took out the ring, went down on one knee and said:

“The last couple of days have been the days I want my whole life to be like. If you also want the same, will you please agree to spend the rest of your life with me?”

And all she could say was, “Yes!”




Day 5: Landslides welcome them at Chungthang

As they crossed Chungthang Post, people gestured to them to go back. The torrential rains had resulted in several landslides. They were forced to head back and find help. The planned to stay at a small village near Chungthang but a fresh landslide cut them off from it too. Now, they were stuck in between a landslide and a ferocious stream of water. It was then that the villagers of Sikkim opened their homes and hearts to the pair and gave them shelter and sustenance.




Day 6: The landslides continue but the BRO Team comes to their rescue

The volunteers of the BRO Team helped all the tourists to trek across the landslide. Soon five or six gabru jawans of the BRO Team picked Ramneek’s bike on their shoulders and transported it to the other side of the cliff.

Day 8: Just lazing around

They woke up by noon and had a delicious brunch and later, shopped at MG Marg.



Day 9: All the romantic memories gone

Ramneek found out that his he had lost all his phone data including the proposal video.

Day 10: Shopping and Miss Mallick

Miss Mallick shopped for her family at the Hongkong Market in Siliguri.




Day 11: The journey back home

Anticipating a tough day ahead, they started off from Siliguri before sunrise and made it back home in one day. They were very exhausted but content after this memorable experience




The  big surprise  

They received an email from the ‘Limca Book of Records’ confirming that their proposal is the highest-altitude marriage proposal.


Read the entire account of their adventures here.



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