We Bet You Didn’t Know These 13 Hidden Features Of Things We All Use Everyday

9:50 pm 22 Nov, 2016

We use so many things in our everyday lives – from utensils to clothes, stationery to electronic goods and many others. And all of them come with features for one purpose or the other.

In this post, we bring you a few things that we all use in our everyday lives, which have some cleverly hidden features in them. And we bet you didn’t know or even care to know them still. Take a look and get to know them.


1. That small hole in your iPhone

It is nothing but a microphone embedded into the phone body.

Hidden features


2. The small raised lines on the F and J keys of your keyboard

They are made to help you find the home keys when you are typing away.

Hidden features


3. That bump at the end of your laptop charger

It is not only for looks, but it helps to prevent interference in the cable.

Hidden features


4. Those small white hooks on Apple chargers

They are not without purpose. They are made to make the task of wrapping up the cable easy.

Hidden feaures


5. The two little rivets above the soles of your sneakers or canvas

They are meant to keep your sneakers waterproof and to let in fresh air.

Hidden features


6. That small hole at the top of the pen cap

It is to ensure the safety of children in case they accidentally swallow it, so that they don’t choke.

Hidden features


7. Those bottle indents, especially on wine bottles

The scientific reason for these is to keep the pressure even when the bottle is corked. The rule is – the higher the pressure, the deeper the indent.

Hidden features


8. That hole in the handle of some pots

It is not merely for hanging it after washing. One can also keep the spoon there!

Hidden features


9. Those metal rivets on jeans

They are placed on those areas of the jeans that are prone to be pulled apart by strain or movement. They reinforce stress points of the jeans that tend to tear.

Hidden features


10. Those small pieces of plastic inside bottle caps

They play the role of an extra sealant and keep the liquid and carbonation in.

Hidden features


11. That small hole on the bottom of padlocks

It is needed to oil the lock and also to drain water out of it.

Hidden features


12. The crinkled side in bobby pins

They are meant to be at the bottom that helps in keeping the pin in place for a long time.

Hidden features


13. That arrow gauge on your car

It shows which side the tank is on.

Hidden features





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