Hey Maggi, It Breaks My Heart, But I Think I Am Over With You

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6:04 pm 18 Nov, 2015


It had been ten months since I had tasted those slithering noodles brewed in tangy, mustard Magic Masala. Oh, it was magic indeed!

I won’t deny, I have spent sleepless nights craving for its melting aroma and luscious taste. I have spent hours talking about it to my sister as we drowned ourselves in nostalgia and reminiscenced about the good old Maggi days.

“Remember, when we missed our school bus and happily opened our tiffins right on the bus stop to gulp it down?”

“Oh, man. Nothing can beat the snowy maggi at hilltop! What will they have now?”


And then my father quipped, ‘Meri hostel waali maggi’! Sigh.



It’s existence was un-debatable. It was our dal-roti, only that it was never taken for granted. We had grown up with it. It was a part of us.

So when there was a ban on Maggi, (Oh god, who’d have ever thought that!), there was chaos, national disruption and an ubiquitous symphony of outcry. There were memes and vines to sympathize.




But when they decided to make a comeback, they made sure it was with a bang. These heart-melting advertisements just did the trick!

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My creed led a delightful, ecstatic roar. There were more memes and vines to celebrate its welcome than there had been to welcome Lalu Prasad Yadav back to the CM’s seat. My sister called up the grocery store twice to confirm when will it be back. “This Monday,” he said.



Monday arrived and so did the Maggi packets back in my kitchen. Kept the water on boil and tore the yellow packet apart. The coiled set of noodles soon drowned themselves in MAGIC masala and unraveled.

I waited, for more than 2 minutes of course, just like I’ve been waiting since months. Meanwhile, I snapchat’d it.


Yes, I was this elated.


No, no. This doesn’t taste like that. Shall I pay heed to those rumors of Maggi not being our old Maggi anymore? Or have I changed?

I felt like a betraying lover. I have been waiting for you since so long, and now that you are here, I feel I’ve outgrown you. I don’t feel the same old love. I am sorry, but I won’t cook myself another packet.

(Flashback – Raging wars with sister on Maggi. “You got more!” “You stole from my plate!”)


Was Maggi too late?

Did my taste buds fizzle out your taste? Had you made us feel addicted all these years, and now that you were not here for a while, we realized we could still survive without you?

Don’t worry, I won’t try to find someone like you. I am not really Adele.

You will still be my emergency, go-to goodie. But, just know that I don’t think I will lust after you. Or even enjoy your presence for that matter.  I haven’t ever cared much about junk, lead toxin and gluten anyway. But now that you don’t even satiate me, I think I can let you go – for good.