Heroic Rescue Operation Saves Pet Dog From Python, But What Has Left Netizens So Miffed?

12:21 pm 31 Jul, 2018


A dog is a man’s best friend for sure. Some even serve in police forces and take part in heroic rescue operation. Most loyal canines serve more than just a cuddle at home, but some are not so good-looking. For those “non-glamorous” pooches, every year in California, the World’s Ugliest Dog Competition is held! Not just that, the ugliest dog goes home with a prize money of about $1,500 and a well-deserved trophy.

This isn’t done to ridicule the animal’s looks, but to show to the world that there’s nothing bad about being “different”. The winner of the World’s Ugliest Dog Competition 2018, was Zsa Zsa.



Talking of ugly, incidents of pets being devoured are fairly common in suburbs. Deadly pythons easily prey on pet dogs and cats, and can swallow them whole!




It’s among a growing number of snake encounters in suburban backyards, that even residents are left rattled for their canine’s safety.



Usually it eats (the pet) and succumbs it to a fairly silent death. Obviously, little pets and snakes do not mix, and heroic rescue operation is all one can do for them.



In a latest heroic rescue operation, three men saved a dog from the clutches of obvious death, when it got coiled and was almost crushed to death. The brave act was filmed live!



This heroic rescue operation was shared by Ken Rutkowski on Twitter, and has since gone viral. The video shows the battle of all ages, between men, a dog and a deadly python.



The rescue footage showed a dog completely coiled by the reptile and a man pulling it out from the waters in a bid to save it. After few minutes, two men help and manage to pull the snake back on the land.



But the heroic rescue operation wasn’t over yet. The reptile didn’t loose its grip, despite the man using bare hands. After failing to do so, he attacks the serpent with rods to relieve the poor dog’s neck.



Although the pet dog got relieved from its clutches, the python was still hit repeatedly despite the heroic rescue operation being successful.



People are obviously happy for the rescued dog and lauded the brave men for their act, but, the last part didn’t go down well. Many have asked if its justified to hurt one animal over the other.

Watch the rescue video here:



It’s not sure if the snake died, but it was certainly seen motionless as the footage ended. Tweeple are left divided over the unnecessary bashing of the reptile, despite rescuing the dog.



It’s what snakes do!



That was brutal!



Different level there!



Can’t mess with nature!



But the praises still kept pouring in…



There’s a missing fact:



Another such incident had happened in which a dog was miraculously saved from becoming a huge pythons meal – after his owner dealt hushed it away with a leafy branch. Watch this video to believe it!





All’s well that ends well. Saving your dog from the clutches of death is what any hero will do and kudos to the team for their heroic act.

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