30 Cartoons By Herluf Bidstrup That Remain Funny And Relevant Even Today

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Updated on 30 Aug, 2018 at 12:28 pm


Herluf Bidstrup was a Danish cartoonist whose cartoons on social themes and political issues were (and still remain) very popular. Born in Berlin, Germany, in 1912, Bidstrup was a communist who also dealt with World War II as a subject matter.

1. Nothing like exercise in the morning

2. Word spreads fast about free food

3. Suspicions give shape to reality

4. Deserted island turns into a tourist spot

5. Standing out in a crowd

6. Power corrupts man

7. Life is lived in small spaces

8. Curiosity is hard to control

9. Doctor doesn’t always know best

10. You can’t change your nature

11. Who robs whom?

12. Weaker sex?

13. The summer sun can melt you

14. Reality vs the story you hear

15. Even a stone can feel

16. A critic can destroy creativity

17. Economic growth

18. The power of the imagination

19. Realizing worth once its gone

20. An infectious laugh

21. Options, options – then no more

22. Chivalry vs grease

23. Anger at the system

24. People are just filthy

25. Once a loan is made

26. Rage behind the steering wheel

27. Getting what you want

28. Clear visions

29. Charity but not charitable

30. Things come to a circle

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