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Here’s Why I Don’t Want To Delete Social Media From My Life Yet

Updated on 10 July, 2016 at 10:10 am By

Technology is toxic and an illusion. Wise people are shifting away from it. The social media is a wreck if you are becoming more awakened and getting in touch with your inner self.


Ahem, I still don’t choose to delete it yet. Yes, its competitive and has undeniably given me jealous pangs but I still want it. WHY? Read on.


1. Because it’s the best way to know people

No, I am not talking about stalking, shooting creepy messages and sending random friend requests. I am talking about the things they share. When I read what 576 friends are sharing on my feed, I am introduced to a part of them they might not have shared with me personally – because of their inhibitions or just because we don’t know each other well. They got their dream job, they are getting engaged or they just had a heart-break and they are on their path to self-explore. Its inspiring and beautiful!


2. Because it gives me a lot of alternate perspectives

Not all 576 people will tell me their deepest thoughts, but they will definitely post something similar online. It gives me a myriad of perspectives and the realization that there’s clearly no right or wrong. Sometimes it shows me a side I’m not open to. It makes me curious, questions me and sometimes gives me a perfect alternate answer.


3. Because profile pics give us all our ‘star-studded’ moment


We are not billboard-featured supermodels with perfect Photoshopped bodies and glistening smiles that make millions burn in envy. But we have profile pictures which give us our own moments. Here we choose our best self, pose like a super-model and shoot a smile to kill. And those likes and comments – call them fallacious validations but would 15 people otherwise say ”beautiful”, ”pretty”,”gorgeous”? I like the way it fuels my confidence.


4. Because it has given me stories from all across the world

The girl with the changing blue dress, the Pakistani woman from Humans of New York, the couple who traveled a country to find a perfect spot to marry – and incessant little-big stories I see on my feed which entertain me, shake me and many times show me a world I am totally unaware of. The concept of ‘viral stories’ has given a voice to each one of them who thought their work, or worse their life story, was irrelevant.


5. Because it gives me a feeling of being a ‘global citizen’

I view an American mashup of vines which are too relatable, an AIB video served with typical desi abuses I’m so used to hearing on Delhi streets and a Korean writer’s picture which exactly defines what I am feeling at this moment. All in one feed from all across the oceans. And I still feel one to all of them. This diversity reassures me how we all are coming from the same place.


6. Because it gives me inspirational surprises

I don’t know about you, but I never google for motivational, uplifting quotes when that’s what I exactly need – unless of course, I want to change my desktop wallpaper. I go through my feed, my heart set out somewhere else and my thought floating on a parallel universe until I stumble on words which make me pause – and make me take a screenshot. I believe in synchronicity and sometimes these accidental words make sense of all the haze.

7. Because it has made News less boring, more to the point

Be it a feed on Twitter or Facebook, I don’t have to dig out long editorial pages and scan what’s important and interesting. Social media saves me the mess. It makes News quick, short and assorted.


8. Because it has made lifestyle news so much more accessible

10 ways to get a glowing skin, 7 cool DIY ideas, 6 things you need to know about sex – and everything we wanted to know but never asked (or google-d) comes right in front of us. No, I don’t even have to type their URL to reach there. They are inviting me to read it, how shall I refuse?


9. Because they make me feel Sonam Kapoor is my best friend

So up, close and personal, no magazine or interview ever did that. I see these celebs on my feed just the way I see my other friends. There’s really not much of a difference. Away from red carpets, they are pizza and Pj people – just like us.

10. Because it lets me SHARE

I remember when Facebook was not there and I still had an opinion on everything but I just had to mum myself. I watched a movie or ate at a restaurant and I wanted to shout out loud how bad it is. But those were the days of editorial opinion and critics. But today, you can just post whatever is stirring your soul. The lovers are gonna like and the haters are gonna comment.


11. Because it lets me see the world a bit more closely

When I watch live events on Snapchat, I get to see crazy Halloween like I’ve never seen before and the magical Eid of Mecca which I might never be able to see. When I follow my favorite travel bloggers on social media, I travel with them. It doesn’t diminish the line between virtual and reality but shows me little things in homes of the other world, which no production house could ever.


12. Because I love to have a bucket full of picture memories

Whatsoever the social media motive may be, clicking pictures has become a quintessential part of every event. But thank god for that, I have memories to look back at. We had almost forgotten about them until Instagram and Facebook came. I love clicking pictures of all random moments, because you really never know which might drown you in nostalgia ten years later!


I am aware of how every good, or bad, thing has its days. But social media is a revolution we need to give more time and patience to. In a profound context, it’s all about how you take things. Only you can decide how toxic or how awakening a medium is. Obsession anyway has never been too good.




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