Here’s How Kapil Sharma Made A Final Stage Cancer Patient Forget Her Pain

6:28 pm 8 Jan, 2019


Kapil Sharma, the renowned comedian is back with the second season of The Kapil Sharma Show. The show follows the standard pattern where Kapil converses with Bollywood celebs and induces humor in that. But Kapil’s style and hard work made it one of the most popular and beloved shows on TV. Naturally, when the show went off-air, it left fans disappointed and craving for more. Fortunately, the show has come back with its second season to entertain the masses.

Ever since the comeback, it has been trending and with good reason. Turns out the show is the shining beacon of hope for a final stage cancer patient. Don’t believe it?




Well, it is true and will be evident in the next episode of the show. Currently, the promo for the episode is doing the rounds, see it here. In the promo, a final stage cancer patient credits the show for helping her through her illness. Isn’t that something?



The woman who was detected with cancer when her daughter was merely 3-months-old, is glad that the show is back. She also explains how it helped her forget the pain.


Here is what she said:

“I would laugh out so much while watching the show that it would absolutely make me forget about my illness and pain. I would laugh for hours and hours.”


She also expressed how it made her sad when the show went off-air. But now that the show is back on, it gives her hope of surviving through it all.


She added:

“The show helped me cure better. I was extremely disappointed after TKSS went off-air. I watched the repeat telecast of the old episodes to make myself happy. But now I am overjoyed to have you and your team back in form to make my days better. I have a stronger will to survive now and I know I will make it.”


This is enough to make anyone feel emotional and warm inside. And Kapil is no different. On hearing the story of the woman fan, he promptly went and gave her a warm hug.


Here is a snippet from the Kapil Sharma Show:




It is certainly true that laughter is the best medicine of all. And Kapil’s show proves this right. So, do you enjoy the show just as much? Is it essential for your weekly dose of laughter?

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