Here Are Peculiarities Shown By Punjabi Guys When They Are Drunk

Updated on 11 Oct, 2014 at 4:02 pm


Punjab, on thinking about this beautiful state, our mind runs with typical imagery of the rivers, lush green field, pompous weddings and last but not the least the love for alcohol “Daaru”. “Peg te Leg” brings a smile on every Punjabis face and the evening turns into a fun night for sure.

So, come let’s see what Punjabis turn into when they are drunk-

9. The Liar

After dropping the plate while keeping it on the table- “Bai, eh taan ainve hogya, mainu keh rha charhiaa” (Dude this happened by chance, I am not even drunk.) Oh Yeah? You’ve just had 5 Patiala Pegs so just don’t act smart (There’s always someone counting them).


The Liar

8. The Sincere Drinker

And just as you leave that small amount of daaru in your glass because you cannot take in anymore, there comes a voice “Yarr eh galat aa, daaru di bestini kardi di” (This is not done man, one never disrespects alcohol).

The Sincere Drinker

7. The Heartbroken Devdas

Yes, there is always this heartbroken Punjabi friend, who after having one beer gets so much into the Devdas mood that he unfolds all his love problems and glitches in front of the HIGHLY drunk audience expecting for some sympathy, but what follows is a series of pumping up sessions to call up PREETO to do the usual PYAR KA IZHAR.

The Heartbroken Devdas

6. The Political Guru

There is no need to switch on popular news channels to know about the political scenario of Punjab when you have Mr. PG around because Mr. PG (Political Guru) knows everything. Just as someone says that the government is corrupt, Mr. PG is always ready with his political database to start and manage a DRUNKARD POLITICAL DEBATE.

 The Political Guru

5. The Rocking Driver

The most experienced driver present in the room is the first one to grab the keys and starts flaunting about his driving skills “Main kayi vaar daaru pee ke gaddi chalayiaa” (I’ve often drive after drinking). But REMEMBER- Don’t mix drinking with driving.

The Rocking Driver

4. The Bar Tender

There is always this guy who is waiting for his friends to finish up their drinks because he wants to grab all the glasses, set them up in a line, hold the new bottle upside down and hit the bottom with his elbow and then fill up the glasses according to everyone’s preference of a CHHOTA PEG or MOTA PEG. And when it’s all done he says “CHAKKO”.

The Bar Tender

3. Hello Mr. DJ

If you are drinking at someone’s place and the songs being played are pretty boring, there is always going to be a Mr. DJ out there to set the mood right. He’ll be having everything in his phone – Chamkila, Kuldeep Manak, Yo Yo Honey Singh, Miss Pooja and yeah sometimes Drake and Lil Wayne too. But Mr. DJ turns into the bad guy when he plays the saddest song ever and that makes everyone in the room cry like babies.

Hello Mr. DJ

2. The Compeller

“Bai ikhor peg, Ik naal kuch ni hunda” (Just one more peg mate, one doesn’t hurt). This guy will literally sit on your head and will make you drink until you throw it all out. But don’t worry; chances are that you won’t even remember a single thing the next morning. Cheers..!!


1. Richie Rich

When you are drinking at the bar and it’s time to pay the bill, one of your drunken friends turns into Richie Rich and stops everyone from taking their wallets out. It’s only the next day that he realises what he had done last night because he doesn’t even have the money to buy “Verka vaala Dudh” (Milk).


Richie Rich