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Her Boyfriend Chose Her Outfits For A Week And It Turned Out Pretty Bombastic

Updated on 6 February, 2016 at 2:10 pm By

A Buzzfeed writer, Nina Mohan, decided that her boyfriend Chris would pick her outfits a full week.


She’s a regular girl dressed in the usual black, playing it safe most of the time. It’s not like she never bought experimental outfits, oh yes she did! Just like you and me. But they all met the same fate as yours did — getting dumped in the back of your closet!

I enjoy fashion, but I’m no style queen. When I find something I like and it looks good on me, I stick to it. FOREVER. My daily look is usually a crop top, skirt, gold jewelry, curls, and a jacket.

Hey guys, Nina here. I enjoy fashion, but I'm no style queen. When I find something I like and it looks good on me, I stick to it. FOREVER. My daily look is usually a crop top, skirt, gold jewelry, curls, and a jacket.


Nina knew that she could never get over her own insecurities and it would be hard for her to push herself to wear clothes which make her feel eccentric. Her boyfriend, on the other hand, would see her from different perspective, giving her basic style a new edge.

However, my boyfriend, Chris, doesn't see me the way I see myself. So I wanted to see how someone who doesn't have my insecurities would dress me for a week.


Chris styled Nina’s clothes, make-up and accessories with the utmost care. He wanted her to have the confidence to be herself and dress in whichever style she pleases without an ounce of inhibition.


So there were four rules set out:

1. She would let Chris choose everything.

2. Chris would be allowed to buy items to pair with the existing ones in her closet.

3. For the sake of genuine reactions, she wouldn’t tell anyone about the experiment.

4. Also, she would stay mum about her own reactions on her boyfriend’s styling.


Here’s how the seven days came along-




Chris: He chose a collared shirt as this is something she never wears. She always wears her hair down so he tried a ponytail which would also show off her collar and earrings.

Nina: She was impressed by the style, and called very casual chic. Usually, she doesn’t like wearing shirts but this one worked. She also avoids wearing pants so the jeans were cuffed by Chris. She hates wearing her hair up because she thinks it makes her head look shrunken. However, people did stop to compliment her style on her first day.




Chris: Nina owns an inordinate number of painfully cute dresses and flats yet Chris hasn’t seen her wearing them often. Hence, he chose this little floral number, tucked away amongst other long-forgotten clothes.

Nina:  She was made to wear silvery-blue eye-shadow to match her blue dress and blue flats. She’s usually insecure about her flabby arms and hence goes for jackets and cover-ups. She felt that her hairstyle really emphasizes how bulbous the lower half of her  face is. One co-worker told her she  looked, “Like a 13-year-old going to church”.




Chris: Nina sticks with the more demure  outfits, so Chris tried something bold and sexy. Lo and behold, a black leather jacket jumped off the hanger, the perfect complement to Nina’s spunky side. He was doubtful about the hat, but once he put it on her, he loved it!

Nina: OMG! The hat. I may as well have walked into the office and screamed I AM WEARING A HAT, WHAT DO WE ALL THINK?! Nina was skeptical about it but admits how a number of people went out of their way to tell her how amazing she looks. She usually wears this necklace with high-cut tops but this looks like a good change.




Chris: He didn’t want to detract attention from the scarf, so Chris chose neutral tones for the rest of the outfit. He had to buy sneakers, as the only pair of shoes Nina owned were running shoes. Also, he added a beanie for the cute, casual look.

Nina: She confesses it’s the first time she wore a jeans twice in the same week and it kind of felt very drab. The beanie wasn’t comfortable and the only saving grace was her cat eye liner.




Chris: Chris knows how polarizing these printed high-waisted pants can be. Still he paired them with gold heels to give Nina an experimental edge.

Nina: She usually hates high-waisted pants as she feels they accentuate the wrong areas of her body. Certainly, this is one of her most embarrassing purchases, yet, surprisingly it garnered a lot of compliments.




Chris: He thought of this speckled dress as something really comfortable yet pretty. He paired it with black boots for a cool vibe.

Nina: She was never bold enough to sport a dress from the time she was as thin as a Victoria’s Secret model. However, wearing it for a night out made her feel fun and spunky.




Chris: He chose a perfect low-maintenance outfit with a simple tee, shorts and jacket. It’s Sunday and Chris wanted a minimal effort outfit which could let Nina relax and run errands with ease.

Nina: She didn’t feel the same though. Nina wanted to tell Chris how a no-effort ensemble also requires a little bit of effort. Also, she was really annoyed with Chris for choosing running shoes and making her ditch eye liner for the day. She called it a sad outfit.


Chris had a great time choosing different outfits for Nina. The experience cultivated a sense of respect for ladies who spend so much time, efforts and money on fashion.

I think this week Nina sported some pieces that she never would’ve considered and owned them. She’s a beautiful woman who makes even my mess of wardrobe choices look fantastic.


Nina felt she should be more confident about her appearance and should go out and have fun experimenting with different styles. She also realized she doesn’t hate the attention or the compliments, it was just her insecurity getting in her way since all these years.

I can be loud and bold with my fashion choices, and even if they’re stupid, the day ends and life moves on. I’m really glad I got to do this experiment with Chris. I should see and treat my body the way he does: like it can wear anything.

Well, this fashion experiment was far deeper than the tangible outfits, make-up and accessories. It re-emphasized the need for women to conquer their insecurities without compromising on the fun they can have being a woman.



Source: Buzzfeed

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