India Might Soon Start Making Clothes Out Of Weed. NO KIDDING!

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8:16 pm 21 Jul, 2016

Now you can literally get high on fashion when you flaunt your psychedelic T-shirt, flowing skirt or scarves the next time.


Hemp is grown without pesticides or fertilisers. Its fabric is soft like linen, insulating and as relaxed as the plant itself. Much to the happiness of environment lovers, fabrics made out of hemp is biodegradable.

Under the special provision of Section 14 of the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (NDPS) Act 1985, the government can allow cultivation of cannabis for industrial purposes of obtaining fibre or seeds.


According to Hindustan Times, three Indian fashion start-up’s are taking this fashion-meets-hemp business pretty seriously: Bombay Hemp Company (Boheco), HempCann Solutions, and BE HempIndia.


Hemp cloth is great for Indian summers considering its long-term durability and light-weightiness like cotton. It’s a perfect insulator making you feel cool in summers and warm in winters. The most interesting part of hemp clothing is that it is 98 per cent UV resistant and will just get better with age.

Guess, this plant is known as God Herb for more than one reason!



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