India’s LGBT Dating Platform, Amour, Aims To Help Queer Indians Find Life Partners

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10:31 pm 6 Sep, 2016

If you’ve ever been to a gay party in Mumbai or Delhi or anywhere in India, you will have noticed the alarming absence of the Ls and the Ts of the LGBT community. Such dos are usually bursting at the seams with men, most of them gay, some of them bisexual. That’s how it is with most things LGBT in India. Even popular queer dating apps like Grindr, Planetromeo, Scruff, etc. seem to cater mainly to men.


It was in an attempt to correct this skewed nature of online dating opportunities for the Indian gay community that Amour was created.


Karan, the admin of Amour, says,

…We realized that we need to have a group for all the LGBTIQA+ looking for partners… It’s a mainly a dating platform where people can choose their partner(s) with terms of their own for the relationship.


The creators of the app came up with security parameters for the app by consulting veteran activists/members of the Indian LGBT community. Here’s how it works:


India isn’t big on love. Never has been. People still get killed here for daring to love someone of the wrong caste/religion. Imagine how difficult it must be for gay people to find someone to be with.

Amour hopes to change that. Here’s wishing them all the luck. And strength. And success.



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