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15 Heinous Practices Around The World That Show India Is A Far Better Place To Live Than Any Other Country

Published on 15 August, 2018 at 4:30 pm By

If you think things in India are weird, there are innumerable heinous practices around the world that are far more cringe-worthy. Some of them are so ridiculous that you’ll be grateful that you belong to India and not to the land where such heinous practices around the world take place. Though every country has their good and bad but after knowing about these heinous practices around the world you will be happy to be an Indian citizen.


Here we take a look at 15 such heinous practices around the world. By the end of it, you will feel grateful about being an Indian.


1. Spitting on the bride


If you have seen the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding, you must be aware of this practice in Greece. Red-stained walls in India because of pan masala spitting populations may suddenly seem to be much less heinous in comparison to spitting on a newly wed bride. Even though it is supposedly done to ward off evil, this is definitely one of the heinous practices from around the world which make us love India for what it is.



2. A day off to have sex



The population crunch, declining birth rates and the gaping difference in the male-female ratio has compelled the Russian government to declare one day off for couples to engage in sex. Yes, you read that right. Couples actually get the 12th of September every year as a holiday, so that they can go have sex, get pregnant and raise the population of the country.



3. Hanging out with the dead


All over the country in Denmark, cemeteries have been converted into well-maintained parks. Not just that, people hang out here and have a cheerful time while there are dead people all around them. Thanks to endless horror movies we have seen in our lifetimes, none of us would choose a graveyard as a meeting place or a place to sit and relax, for sure. Isn’t this one of those bizarre practices around the world which make you feel glad that you belong to India and not to Denmark?



4. Slurping is a compliment to the food


Table manners and table etiquette are taken very seriously in western countries. Even in India, eating food noisily is considered to be offensive (in the modernized parts of the country at least). Well, not in Japan! Here, they slurp away at their noodles instead of entangling them within their forks. The louder the slurp, the more it indicates your liking to the food.



5. Hunting for women at night


If you think women in India are unsafe or being subjected to cruelty, this bizarre tradition in Bhutan will blow your mind. Under the Bomena tradition, men enter the rooms of eligible spinsters and spend an entire night within its walls, without much ado to consent or any bother about invasion of privacy. The worst part is, if they get caught, they have to marry the woman or end up being a worker in the girl’s father’s farms.



6. Filing your tooth not nails


Preparing for a wedding is a big thing in our country, no doubt. But Balinese men and women give us quite a tough competition when it comes to being ready to wed. While most of us file our nails, these people take it a notch higher by filing their teeth. The grueling and painful tradition is to mark one’s entry into adulthood and a symbol of one’s control over sinful emotions like lust, greed, jealousy, and anger.



7. Consume the dead


Residents of the Amazon rainforest, the Yanomami tribe, don’t like the idea of burying their dead. They believe in destroying all physical traces of the dead. They believe that only by doing so, the departed’s soul will be able to attain peace. Hence, they consume their remnants. Yes, after the cremation, whatever remaining ash and bone is left behind, is mixed in a plantain soup and consumed by the tribe. They believe that doing this will keep the soul of the loved and lost alive within them.



8. Penis Parade


Otherwise known as Kanamara Matsuri, this is an annual parade in Japan where devotees walk through the streets of Kawasaki, carrying a large penis shaped sculpture. They do so to protect themselves against a demoness who was believed to have vaginal teeth. Does that make you feel better about the religious parades in our country?



9. No nature calls after marriage


If you think not having a toilet is a problem in our country, think about having a toilet but not being able to use it. This is exactly what happens to a newly wed couple in Indonesia. The Tidong community prohibits their newly weds from using the bathroom for three days after their marriage. The relatives supervise and make sure they don’t break the rule as otherwise their married life will be cursed with stillbirth and death. Imagine not bathing or answering nature’s call for three days. Doesn’t India feel like heaven suddenly?



10. Test of manhood


In India, men not crying or being physically strong may be considered the sign of manhood. But, that is not so in Satwe-Mawe tribe in Amazon. When men come of age here, they have to wear mitts filled with bullet ants and dance around for ten minutes to prove their manhood. It is said that the sting of one bullet ant is equal to the pain one feels when an actual bullet hits the body. The worst part is, the men have to do this 20 times during their lifetimes to prove that they are ‘man enough’. This is definitely one of the most heinous practices around the world.



11. Feed the monkeys


Feeding the animals is just a thing in India. In Thailand, there is an entire festival dedicated to feeding the monkeys. Where in India we hide away the food when a monkey comes running towards us, these people seem to think otherwise. Called the Monkey Buffet Festival and celebrated in the town of Lop Buri, the locals pile up their tables with fresh fruits, cakes and candy all for the native Macaque monkeys to feed on as part of this tradition.



12. Jumping over babies


Dating all the way back to 1620, the Spanish El Colacho is a heinous tradition for sure. In this, men dress up as devils and together, run and jump over babies lying on a mattress in the middle of the road. And in India, we banned throwing babies off the roofs and balconies. Thank God we don’t have the Spanish El Colacho as a tradition!



13. Mutilation of genitals


In North-east Africa, the external female genitalia, meaning the clitoris is removed, using the razor of a blade. The horror of it is that, the act is most often done without the use of anesthesia. Women in India seems to be much safer in comparison to such a gruesome tradition.



14. Finger amputation


The Dani tribe in Japan and the Yakuza community in Japan practice the ritual where certain portions of one’s fingers are chopped off. The Dani tribe follows this tradition as a way of mourning after someone from the family passes away. Whereas the Yakuza do it as a penance for one’s sins.



15. Blood fiestas


Spain, Portugal, Mexico, and Brazil celebrate an entire festival around inflicting brutal and bloody pain on various animals from bull to goats. The acts of torture on these animals include dropping a goat off a bell tower and chasing a bull covered in burning wax through the streets.



After reading these we should definitely feel lucky and say ‘Mera Bharat Mahan’.


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