8 Reasons Why A Hedonistic Fling Is Far Better An Option Than Committed Relationships

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Updated on 13 May, 2015 at 12:06 pm


Let’s face it, in our youth, we all do get attracted to people outside the ones we are formally dating and wouldn’t mind having sexual escapades away from our relationships, so why all the moral melodrama, when life can be far more interesting without it?

1. There is no suffocation of monogamy.

Since the flings involve no commitment, you can be with whosoever you want at whatever time. You are not offending or cheating on anyone.


2. You don’t have to live up to any expectations.


You are not anyone’s boyfriend or girlfriend so you don’t have to call anyone 25 times a day, remember important dates or be anybody’s emotional companion.


3. You are technically single with the privileges of being married.

You can have sex whenever you want with whoever you want and nobody would judge you! It’s an openly sexual relationship without any commitment. You don’t have to pay for sex.


4. There is no risk of heartbreak.

Most relationships reside on the delicate balance of trust, which is usually compromised leading to a series of turmoils. But when you already know, your carnal companion has multiple partners who don’t care and rather lay more emphasis on the passion play.


5. You have less emotional baggage and more pleasure.

You don’t have to waste time in the futile initial stages of a relationship, where couples usually take time to build trust and compatibility after which they move to the bed.


6. It’s less expensive.

No birthdays, anniversaries, valentine’s day, pet’s birthday, graduation day or whatever! Everyday is a fun day here!


7. No family drama.

You don’t have to visit huge drawing rooms, where a cross parent awaits you with unwelcome questions and a nasty stare, giving you a ‘good for nothing’ or ‘worthless for my kid’ look! Neither do you need to introduce anyone to your family.


8. You have a life.

No one dominates your personal choices such as career, clothes or lifestyle now!



But cool, as it may sound, hedonistic flings come with many cautionary demands, ignoring which can get all risky.

  • Be safe and disease free.

The key to a healthy sexual fling is protection. So, you must be doubly sure before you jump into someone’s bed. If you have already caught the clap, then these relationships are not your cup of tea!


  • Don’t ever be dubious.

Be clear about your intentions from the very outset, don’t ever give any sense of commitment or long term companionship.


  • If you ever choose to settle down (marry or go for a steady partner), your partner has all the right in the world to know your past.


  • Hedonistic flings outside marriage/relationships are the worst idea.

If you are already married or officially dating someone, then it’s heinous to break their trust and get into meaningless flings.


  • You can’t be a Barney Stinson if you live in a ‘Hum dil de chuke sanam’ kind of family.

If your family is ultra conservative, then also short lived hedonistic flings do not appear like good ideas, because some day or the other someone would find it out and create a havoc!


  • If anything goes wrong you must own up your mistakes.

Don’t walk away like a coward if any of your one night stands end up expecting your child, you were responsible for it, so be man enough to accept your fault. You may help her with the procedures of pregnancy termination or choose to fund the upbringing of the child, even if you don’t want to adopt it legally.


In short its a game for the quick thinkers and the street smart! It’s a hell lot of fun, but there’s little scope for errors!



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