12-Yr-Old Heart Patient Helps Kerala Floods Victims, And It’s Beyond Heartwarming

7:08 pm 23 Aug, 2018


The Kerala floods are at the center of all news. The amount of damage they have caused and the lives claimed is irreplaceable. Also, the people who have lost everything owing to the flood will probably remain in trauma for a long time. Bu,  it is in these disastrous times that we realize our strength as a nation. Support is pouring in for the victims of Kerala floods from all corners of the nation. Everyone is doing their bid in making the lives of those trapped there a bit easier.

And when we hear about supremely selfless acts, it restores all faith in humanity. The story of a girl from Tamil Nadu is one such incident, and we are sure it’ll touch all your hearts too.


Akshaya donates to Kerala Floods Relief




Akshaya is a 12-yr-old girl who belongs to a poor family from the Karur district of Tamil Nadu. She is suffering from a congenital heart disease and is in dire need of treatment. Her friends have been running a crowdfunding scheme to help collect Rs 2.5 lakh needed for her 2nd surgery.



Akshaya’s mother Jothimani is a single parent. And about a year ago, she lost all hope when doctors asked for Rs 3.5 lakh for Akshaya’s first surgery. At that time, people from across the globe came forward to help Akshaya and crowdfunded her treatment.



While Akshaya awaits her second surgery this year, she has collected only Rs 25000. But, she still showed the courage and compassion to donate 25% of the money she has collected so far.



Here is what she says about her decision:

“As of now, it is the people in Kerala who are in dire need of help. I wanted to be of some help to the people of Kerala as they had come forward to help me when I wanted Rs 3.5 lakh in November last year for my first operation.”

Well, this is the kind of spirit that is the epitome of humanity. Aren’t you inspired by this little girl? Have you done your bid to help the Kerala floods situation?