In A Legal Dispute With Wife, Lawyer Husband Throws A Heap Of Coins In Court. Know Why

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12:43 pm 26 Jul, 2018


Whe nit comes to divorce cases and alimony, the courts have to go through all sorts of weird arguments and incidents. But the one we are about to share with you today is the most bizarre of them all. This incident comes from the hearing of a divorce case of a couple in a Chandigarh court. As per the law, when a man separates from his wife, he has to pay a maintenance allowance to the wife every month.

This maintenance allowance is all the more important in the case of couples where the woman has been completely dependent on husband after their marriage.



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There was a divorce case going on in a Chandigarh court in which the court had ordered the husband to pay a maintenance amount of Rs 25,000 to his wife every month. But the husband did not pay this amount.



After the woman did not get her maintenance money for a few months, she requested the court for interference. The court ordered the man to pay Rs 50,000 to his wife. But the husband refused to pay this maintenance amount to the wife saying that he had no money.



The wife retaliated by saying that her husband was a lawyer and had a good clientele and a number of properties. The wife demanded money immediately saying that she was in urgent need of funds.

Perhaps to take revenge from his wife, from whom he was getting separated anyway, the man paid a sum of Rs 24,600 in Rs 1 and Rs 2 coins and the remaining amount in currency notes. That obviously was a large number of coins to count for the court as well. As a result, the further proceedings of the court got disrupted.



The wife objected saying that no bank would accept those coins and hence they are useless for her. But the husband had a valid response to this argument. He argued that nowhere it is mentioned that the amount should be paid in currency notes of Rs 100, Rs 500 or Rs 2000!


Do you think he has a valid point?

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