Health Alert: This Is How You Are Compromising With Your Food Needs

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Updated on 15 Mar, 2016 at 5:40 pm


It’s pretty easy to throw in the towel on your food needs when you are swinging in your 20s, constantly juggling between power-point presentations, metros and late nights-out. Binge-eating and drinking become a norm and we hardly restrict ourselves to not overdo it. In fact, what is the line? The chaotic lifestyle has permeated so deep that the line between occasional indulgence and routine diet is getting blurred.


Here are few tell-tale signs and ways where you are really compromising with your body needs. Health is not just about sweating it out in the gym.

1. You skip breakfast or worse, grab that old slice of pizza.

The most cliched, yet the most important meal of the day, breakfast cannot be missed. But let’s admit it, technology and hectic schedules have made us beg an extra hour of sleep in the morning, thereby giving us enough chances to compromise somewhere. The most convenient compromise is obviously breakfast – not reading newspaper or giving makeup or blow-out a miss. Worse is, when you pick up a day old sandwich or an artificial juice packet.


2. You get constant snack cravings

When you’re skipping meals, your body is not getting desired calories. Even if you’re not physically working, mentally you are exhausting your mind. As a result, you feel frequent hunger pangs. Of course, nothing is more convenient, and tasty than a packet of potato chips. The feeling of munching and working is irresistible. Beat the temptation though. Carry some flakes or dry fruits instead. Packaged food screaming out ‘fat-free’ is a bait you need to avoid at all cost.


3. You never just-eat – Eat-Work, Eat-TV, Eat-Read

It’s for a reason that it’s said never mix eating with anything else. Apart from mentally being present in the moment, keeping the two separate makes sure you are keeping an eye on your food intake. It’s extremely easy to drift away in personal life issues while eating, because eating is no way a special task for us. However, taking a moment to be gratified for the food and actually tasting and counting what you’re eating makes a good difference.


4. You don’t believe in carrying lunch-boxes

When we reached college, carrying tiffins suddenly became un-cool. And so, even when you reached office, you continued the practice. Living in cosmopolitan cities, money is never an issue when a large size pizza is just 30 minutes away. If someday you’d feel the need to try ‘healthy’, you reach Subway’s or Salad Chef. Other days, your neighborhood dhaba, selling chhole-bhatoore, would be your ideal spot. I swear on my body, nothing, nothing can fulfill your body needs like a complete Indian meal. It has assorted proteins, carbs and vitamins – all on one platter.



However, considering the fast-paced lifestyle, it’s understood that not everyone can afford to bring a lunch box. ‘Fyne life’ provides a perfect alternate to a complete Indian meal. Its Superfood has got nutrients packed in a tasty mixture to make it an ideal lunch option.



5. Your body feels tired and lethargic

When you are stressed and not compensating the drained out energy with additional nutrients, you are tiring your body. In spite of enough sleep, you always feel like sleeping. Going out and socializing feels like a task. You don’t feel energized and hardly ever look forward to do something invigorating. Quit reaching out to energy bars and shakes to deal with it temporarily. Look at the bigger picture and make substantial changes in your diet plan.


6. Your mind feels negative about life

Well, you might think depression has a lot to do with our external circumstances or our emotional issues, but that’s not always the case. Sometimes, a very hectic lifestyle amalgamated with spoilt diet creates havoc in terms of the way we feel about ourselves emotionally. A healthy body is a prerequisite for a healthy mind. Lack of concentration, poor work performance, irritating syndromes and disturbed family relations can always creep up from the very fact that your body is not in a happy place. Take control!


If all these signs/ways resonate with your lifestyle, it’s time you make some fundamental changes in your food plan. Food is often neglected and taken for granted.

In this world of exotic dishes, food has become more of a passion than a need for body. To be honest, an occasional indulgence is not even something to crib about. However, when a cheese-loaded pizza and burger become your everyday best pals, it’s time you take charge.

You might have all the money, beauty, friends and a mind-blowing career – but the truth is, nothing is worth anything till you have a healthy mind or a body to live it.