This Headline To The Story Of Brussels Attacks Is Wrong From Every Angle

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12:19 pm 26 Mar, 2016

The Telegraph has been in the news for its brilliant headlines to stories that appear on its front page.

On March 23, the day after the Brussels terror attacks, The Telegraph expressed the pain of the historic city with this brilliant headline.

With it was an image of Belgium’s most famous comic character, Tintin, shedding tears.


The Telegraph

The Telegraph

But the headline to the same story in ‘The Telegraph’ editions published from North Bengal, South Bengal, Jamshedpur, Ranchi, Patna, Guawahati, and Bhubaneswar was this.


The Telegraph

The Telegraph

It did not go down well with this Twitter user.

(But while pointing at the obviously egregious mistake with the headline, the user went a little overboard by accusing it of being a “terrorist mouthpiece”.)



Though many media outlets had used the word “revenge” while describing the motive of the attackers (terrorists wanted to seek revenge for Belgium’s action on Salah Abdeslam’s arrest), none had given a headline that reads like a victory cry.



The Telegraph had been previously criticized for its blatantly sexist headline ‘Aunty National’ referring to Union HRD minister Smriti Irani’s passionate counter argument in the Lok Sabha on the accusations hurled at the government in connection to the Rohit Vemula case.


The Telegraph

The Telegraph

In its quest to become the newspaper that has the best headlines to stories of the day, The Telegraph, it appears, forgot that creativity has limits too.





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